News: EGX 2022

EGX 2022 has big, big plans.

Review: Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds

Treat yourself to some futuristic and jam-packed earbuds.

Review: GameSir X2 Lightning.

A simple but effective gaming controller.

Review: GameSir T4 Mini controller

A controller that's perfect for smaller hands.

Vodafone UK launch new report in technology and loneliness

A new report commissioned by Vodafone UK reveals that digital technology can help alleviate loneliness among the over 50s. The report was launched at...

Mixcder announces the new Mixcder E9 ANC headphones

Mixcder has announced the launch of the latest headphone in the range, the E9. The next generation headphones feature the latest advancement in ANC...

Jabra launches Elite 85h headphones with SmartSound: exclusive AI technology for intelligent adaptive audio

Jabra takes challengers to task at CES 2019, with the launch of the newest addition to their Elite range of headsets: the Elite 85h...

Three UK Launches New “Live” 4G+ Technology To Improve Internet Speeds

Three UK has today announced that it has launched new 4G technology to improve mobile internet speeds by between 15% and 33%, targeting areas...

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