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News: Nuwa Pen


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Many writers and journalists have moved away from traditional writing methods. However, Remarkable, Moleskine SmartPen and LiveScribe have tried to buck that trend. Yet, these brilliant companies force you to use a tablet and this can be cumbersome. So, what is the solution? Well, Nuwa Pen aims to reinvigorate handwriting while incorporating modern technology.

This exciting new technology launched on Kickstarter on May 9th and hit its goal in under 5 minutes. Consequently, it’s obvious that people want to get back to basics. But how does this new device work? With built-in cameras, it records the flow of ink on any surface. Accordingly, any piece of paper can be used, and every stroke is seen. From here, the data is encrypted and sent to your mobile device via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. After this, it is uploaded to the Nuwa servers where a digital copy can be accessed.

The Nuwa Pen is an intriguing concept. 

Handwriting notes, a story, or a document is a personal and rewarding experience. Therefore, the Nuwa Pen is an intriguing concept! Not only does it work like a traditional pen, but the ability to upload your notes and work is exciting. The Nuwa Pen uses a standard D1 ink cartridge that is readily available in many stores. Moreover, replacing the cartridges is as simple as removing the old one and placing in a fresh one. Subsequently, this looks to be a user-friendly device that ticks many boxes.

The base package allows users to access their handwritten notes via the Nuwa app. However, for many of us, this may not be enough. Yet, worry not, as an affordable monthly subscription of $2.99 will convert your written notes to digital form. Furthermore, it offers augmented notes for integration with a range of popular apps. If news of the Nuwa Pen interests you, why not head to their Kickstarter campaign and get involved? 

(More information on the Nuwa Pen can be found here!)

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