TechReview: Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds

Review: Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds


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I’m all for excellent audio that comes with oodles of features. However, sometimes, this can be mundane and “sensible”. Manufacturers stick to tried and tested styles without experimenting. Therefore, when I was offered the Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds, I was amazed. These futuristic and eye-catching earbuds look fantastic and deliver market-leading sound. What’s more, they have plenty of features, are lightweight, and they stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to their 7.2mm drivers and Knowles balanced armatures, you experience balanced audio. On top of this, they are exceptional for phone calls because of their noise cancelling technology. There are also three preset modes to choose from, a robust case to admire, and a reasonable enough battery life. Finally, its design is whacky, futuristic, and has an air of Aliens/Warhammer 40k. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s unbox these beauties and give them a spin.

The Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds are jam-packed with features and has some unusual extra accessories.
A stylish and futuristic set of earbuds.

What’s in the box of the Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds?

  • The futuristic style starts with the striking and decorative packaging. This hard-plastic case has a security clip to hold the goods in place. Moreover, it is adorned with faux metal decorations to enhance the theme. Normally, I’d be disappointed by plastic. However, it enhances the presentation while doubling up as a carry case. 
  • The Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds. These small and lightweight earbuds fit snugly and comfortably within your ear. They come in a range of vivid colours and are marked with L and R for ease of use. 
  • The charging case. This stylish mecha futuristic case looks amazing and is multifunctional. Not only does it charge the earbuds, but it has a built-in bottle opener. Alongside this, its livery is bright, unusual, and eye-catching. Alongside this, it is robust because of its zinc alloy composition.
  • Spare ear tips. Everyone’s ears are different, so Gravastar has provided 3 different sized tips to ensure a snug fit. 
  • Decorative chain. This small but useful chain adds some more metal and a unique look. 
  • USB-C charging cable. A small rubberised cable that charges the case. 
  • User manual. Study the fundamentals of these easy-to-use earbuds. 

Technical aspects. 

Bluetooth VersionV5.2
Operation Range10m±
Noise Canceling ModeENC
Charging Time1.5-2H
Battery Life4H±
Weight6g (Single earbud)

Looking great is one thing, but perfect audio is what we all strive for. Luckily, the Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds deliver as close to perfect sound as possible. With a delicious range of tones and a meaty bass, these are phenomenal for music, movies, and gaming. What’s more, the delivery of the sound is balanced beautifully between each earbud. As such, you experience an unrivalled immersive experience that is truly game-changing. 

Earbuds are more than just an entertainment accessory these days. Now, people want to be able to have pitch-perfect and clear conversations as well. Luckily, this is another area that the Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds excel. Because of their environmental noise cancellation technology, you’ll have crisp and sharp calls every time.

However, this isn’t the pièce de résistance for this accessory. No, that’s reserved for its preset modes. You can flit from gaming, movie, and music mode with ease.

Charging Time3H±
Battery Capacity400mAh (3 times battery life)
Battery Type Li-ion
Charging PortType-C
Charging Case
With plenty of colours to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.
Why wouldn’t you want these awesome earbuds?

Gaming mode. 

The virtual 5.1 surround sound is like nothing I heard before. The Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds deliver a truly immersive and rich experience that’ll up your game. Enemy’s footsteps are heard clearly, and shots will ring out all around you.

Movie mode. 

There is nothing like great HD sound, and this is exactly what you get! Lose yourself in the moment as you watch your favourite films on the move.

Music mode. 

Thanks to the deep bass and large range of tones, your music feels alive. Unlike other earbuds I’ve experienced, the noise resonates through your body and isn’t flat or underwhelming.

The Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds are futuristic and look great.
What’s hiding behind that rock?

Are the Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds worth it?

Without a doubt, the sound quality is next level. However, what about its other features? Are the Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds worth it, or are there better alternatives? In short, these are phenomenal, look great, and deliver an exceptional level of audio. Yet, there are other things that you must consider. Luckily, Gravastar has these ticked off as well.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2, you have latency-free audio, a larger range, and a low power draw. What’s more, they are simple to connect to for a user-friendly experience.

Alongside these features is a reasonable battery life. The earbuds last around 4 hours on one charge and the case extends this by another 3 or so hours. Fortunately, a handy LED display highlights your charging status, so you shouldn’t run out of juice. 

Finally, the build quality is phenomenal! The earbuds are secured tightly within the case because of a spring-loaded clip. Further to this, the case is scratch resistant and ultra durable. Then, there are the earbuds themselves that are IPX5 rated for sweat and water resistance. This is great, as it gives you peace of mind when using them while walking or exercising.


With so many amazing earbuds on the market, it’s tough to get it right. Yet, you can’t go wrong with this amazing and jaw-dropping audio peripheral. The Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds look funky, are jam-packed with features, and will blow your mind with their preset modes. It is for these reasons that I recommend you to buy it here!

(More information on Gravastar can be found here!)

The Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds receive the Movies Games and Tech Gold award.
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