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Review: Miofive Dash Cam Dual


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The Miofive Dash Cam Dual helps you to gather evidence of any car-related misdemeanours. Unfortunately, car ownership and accidents go hand-in-hand. However, what isn’t convenient is when an accident occurs and there are no witnesses to corroborate your version of events. Thankfully, this compact device removes that issue!

Alongside this, you needn’t worry when your car is parked for the night. Thanks to the 24-hour parking monitor, you have peace of mind at all times. Additionally, it matters not what time of day it is. This excellent dashcam will record in low light, at night time, and during bad weather. As such, you know that any accidents will be recorded by this high-end device.

What’s in the box of the Miofive Dash Cam Dual?

  • The professional packaging catches your eye. Though it is relatively simple, I adored the imagery and the alluring colour palette. Furthermore, it is fully recyclable.
  • The Miofive Dash Cam Dual has a front-facing 4K camera and a 2K rear-facing camera. Both are small and easy to mount on your car.
  • You are provided with an array of cables to power the device and connect the rear and front cameras.
  • A small pry bar is provided to hide the cables.
  • Spare sticky pads enable you to adjust the cameras.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user manual.

Technical aspects.

A dashcam is only as good as the footage it captures! Thankfully, the Miofive Dash Cam Dual records crystal-clear audio and footage at all times. Furthermore, thanks to the Sony Stravis Night Vision technology, you enjoy accurate and detailed footage during low light. This feature didn’t falter even when I parked in proximity to a streetlight. Luckily, the camera could calculate the amount of light and overcome this issue.

Another fine feature is the G-Sensor. This captures footage whether you are on the move or if you are parked. When the camera detects an impact, the G-Sensor kicks in and the camera records 60 seconds of footage. This is automatically stored on the device and can be viewed directly from the Miofive app. This feature works alongside the night vision to capture any accidents or problems at night.

Alongside this, you can choose to film a time-lapse video if you so wish. Once the ignition is switched off, you may record 24 hours of footage. This is particularly useful if you live in high-footfall areas where you risk bumps, scratches or other elements of vandalism. Thankfully, the videos are compressed and playback at a higher rate. As such, it is easy to scan your video to highlight any issues.

The Miofive app.

I adore a company that provides a free app. Luckily, the Miofive app is free to download, and a cinch to use. The excellent UI allows the greatest of technophobes to get the most out of this device. As you scan through your footage, you can screenshot any offences, take photos, check out your driving routes, and observe your driving history.

This one-stop shop of dashcam information helps to keep things simple. Moreover, as you can download your footage directly to your phone, it makes it easier to present your evidence to the police or your insurance company. Accordingly, it takes the sting out of any accident.

Setting up the Miofive Dash Cam Dual.

I couldn’t be happier with how easy this camera system was to set up. The Miofive Dash Cam Dual requires minimal technical knowledge and a small amount of patience to get things right. Moreover, the adhesive pads ensure that both front and rear cameras stay where they are placed. Subsequently, you won’t get any nasty shocks, as the device falls when you are driving.

The toughest element has to be hiding the cables. Sadly, there is no way around it, as the rear and front cameras must be connected. However, thanks to the supplied pry bar, you can hide the cables behind your trim with no impact on your car’s internal finish.

Build quality.

I was impressed by the excellent build quality. The hardened plastic and tough mounts are built to last. On top of this, they are noticeable without being OTT or garish. Consequently, they will put off any would-be vandals or car thieves. Additionally, the sticky plates are ridiculously strong. As such, once they are on your windscreen, they have to be forcibly removed.

On top of this, the wire placement is well-considered, and this helps to reduce clutter while keeping your visibility clear. What’s more, the excellent touchscreen is responsive and easy to use. In short, if you want a relatively plug-and-play device that is hardy and looks great, then look no further.

Is the Miofive Dash Cam Dual worth it?

The number of cars on the roads is rising. Accordingly, accidents are increasing and insurance premiums are going up. As such, you don’t want your no-claims bonus impacted by a mindless act of vandalism or an RTC. As such, if you invest in this straightforward but impressive device, you’ll reduce your stress levels when it comes to gathering evidence. Furthermore, a dashcam is a great deterrent for any would-be car criminals. Consequently, I think this is a great product and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Miofive can be found here!)  

The Miofive Dash Cam Dual has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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