TechReview: GameSir X2 Lightning.

Review: GameSir X2 Lightning.

iOS Mobile Gaming Controller


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Mobile gaming is big business. Now, I’m not talking about Nintendo Switch, as that is a whole different beast. No, I’m discussing the likes of xCloud from Microsoft and Google Stadia. The latter sadly didn’t take off, but xCloud is massive! Subsequently, where there is demand, new products come to the fore. Recently we have seen a meteoric rise in gaming clips, for example, the MOGA 2.0 gaming clip. Alongside this, you’ll see a full range of third-party Bluetooth controllers. Yet, I’m not here to discuss these either. Instead, I want to look at the GameSir X2 Lightning device. 

iOS users were bitterly disappointed when Microsoft focused its soft launch of xCloud on Android devices. However, a subsequent full rollout in specific countries allows Apple users to enjoy the benefits of this streaming service. Therefore, these consumers are going to want and deserve the best gaming experience and the biggest bang for their buck. Consequently, this is where the GameSir X2 Lightning device comes into play. It’s lightweight, easy to set up and good to look at. So, let’s wait no longer and see what’s on offer. 

What will you play on your GameSir X2 Lightning device?
Stylish and simple design.

What’s in the box of the GameSir X2 Lightning device? 

  • The accessory comes in a flimsy and lightweight cardboard box. It is bright and simple to look at. Furthermore, it has all the key selling points and is emblazoned with the company logo. Thankfully, it is easily recyclable and I applaud the manufacturers for their efforts. 
  • GameSir travel case. This basic but attractive, tough case is black and burnt orange and will easily protect the contents. It’s stylish, well made, and lightweight. 
  • The GameSir X2 Lightning device. It is nestled within the protective case and is secured by elastic cords. It’s robust, bright, and easy to use. 
  • Accessories box. This holds the instruction manual, spare analogue stick covers, and several stickers. Like the outer packaging, the box is red and is also recyclable. 

Technical aspects. 

The GameSir X2 Lightning is compatible with an iOS device that uses a lightning charging port. What’s more, it will comfortably house any phone between 100mm and 173mm in length. Therefore, many Apple devices are suitable for this accessory. 

Thanks to its hard-wired approach, latency is a thing of the past. Unlike its Bluetooth peers, you won’t experience lag or connectivity issues, and this was phenomenal. Alongside the plug and play functionality, is the ability to charge your device through the additional lightning port. This was an excellent decision from the manufacturer as you need not worry about your battery life. 

The button layout is as important as potential latency issues. Luckily, the GameSir X2 Lightning excels here as well. The smaller than normal buttons are comfortable to use, easy to locate and feel nice against your thumbs. What’s more, the bumpers are perfectly placed and the L3 and R3 analogue inputs work well. 

The GameSir X2 Lightning is usable for an array of streaming services.
Which service will you use it for?

Is the GameSir X2 Lightning device worth it? 

If mobile gaming is your thing, then I’m sure you’ve done extensive research. You’ve already identified the simplicity of the MOGA 2.0 gaming clip, or the brilliance of the Razer Kishi. Yes, there are other devices available, but these are the most popular alternatives out there. However, the MOGA clip is inexpensive, but it requires a separate controller, and that’s just clumsy. The Razer Kishi, on the other hand, is excellent but expensive. So, where does that leave us? The GameSir X2 Lightning, that’s where! 

It is inexpensive, well built, comfortable to use, and allows you to charge your device. Furthermore, it has a handy carry case, is lightweight and it will take a beating thanks to its robust design. On top of this, it has a spring-loaded clip that comfortably adjusts to house an array of iOS devices. 

The simplicity of its design and the sleek buttons make it a great option for mobile gaming. I adore its clean look and no-nonsense style. Moreover, its plug and play functionality is user-friendly. Subsequently, it can be mastered by the biggest of technophobes. It’s a fantastic bit of kit and I recommend you to buy it here! Improve your gaming experience with this mobile, low latency and inexpensive controller.


The GameSir X2 Lightning device stands out from its peers because of its design and price point. It’s easy to set up, comfortable to use, and robust. It’s an excellent and affordable alternative to the Razer Kishi and a wonderful accessory for Apple gaming fanatics. 

(More information of GameSir products can be found here!)

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Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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