Review: Youtubers Life 2

Recently, there have been so many sim-style games released, but many don't compare to Youtubers Life 2. They would normally be designed in a...

Review: Real Farm – Premium Edition

Are you looking for a game that allows you to follow a passion you may have, a farming lifestyle? Then you've found the perfect...

Review: Jurassic World Evolution 2

OH MY! This is so much better and more exciting to play than the first Jurassic World Evolution for Xbox One! I was and...

Preview: Priest Simulator

The priesthood is a strange old job.

Review: Rover Mechanic Simulator

Even Mars needs mechanics.

Review: Cloud Gardens

Turn disaster into beauty.

Review: Shakes on a Plane

Passenger flights would be great if there were no passengers.

Review: Life of Fly 2

Now you can be that fly on the wall.

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