GamingReview: Jurassic World Evolution 2

Review: Jurassic World Evolution 2


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OH MY! This is so much better and more exciting to play than the first Jurassic World Evolution for Xbox One! I was and still am a big fan of the first one, but when I tried playing the Jurassic World Evolution 2, there are just so many things that they did better when making this game. Now I can’t stop raving about how much I prefer this game to play over the first one.

I don’t want to discourage anyone, but maybe if you felt something was lacking in the first Jurassic World Evolution, you may just be impressed by the second. It’s funny, sometimes in movies, it’s the first one created that is always better than any others made. The second is never that good. However, in games it’s like the next and newer games to come out are always going to be better and support better graphics and entertaining challenges. Also, fix problems that caused many to not like the game to begin with. So in the case of Jurassic World Evolution 2, this game really outdoes the first one in so many ways!

First I have to start off by explaining how much I enjoy having the ability to start from scratch during the original campaign mode. It’s the most helpful way to understand the game. Especially, it is very helpful for anyone beginning a simulated game just like this and wants a little idea on how to build up one’s park, the facilities, and have your own Jurassic World thriving.

I find this to be a major part of the game; I always find myself playing this part of any simulated game the most. Even if there are other modes and yet I do enjoy those, but the understanding and learning of how to play the game start with the campaign mode. Also, it opens up other activities when you complete this mode as well! Plus, don’t you want to know how to play the game correctly and build the best environment for all these dinos, or even how you’ll be able to find and add them to your park?

I felt so excited just after trying the game for a few minutes. By the changes in the way the game plays, and how to use different objects or build the park up, well it’s just so much easier! I feel I can do much more and understand the game so much easier. Moving things around to the location I need them to be positioned at and see everything from all angles and views, close or far with the zoom in and out button on the controller. When you do play the first campaign they have you on the first task working in Arizona. This is where you’ll be given directions on how to add certain buildings that need to help run every facility and keep things working as they should.

To be honest, I first had a few mistakes when I started. I can’t tell you I knew how to play right away, because I didn’t. One thing that I didn’t realize till I pressed a few buttons and tested each one, was how to zoom in. Especially, to zoom in during the first location and to make sure there is a path going from the power building and to others for electricity so each location on your park can have it evenly distributed. Another change from the first game that I do like and noticed is that there is no need for adding these annoying power poles all over. Just put down the path; a simple walking path and have it connect to each building by aiming towards the door. That’s all it takes!

Additionally, the path is very flexible, in a way that you can easily build a path that goes in all different angles. However, this can be a bit tricky, and it’s best to zoom in on the screen, as I’m finding out. Nevertheless, I did need to do this a few times, practice and it all made sense. I do think this is a feature I’m finding to be way better than what it used to be.

The second big change that was even nicer is that you’ll be able to still see the dinos in action and get super close, even as close to seeing them destroy your vehicle or attack you. Though, the part that really is awesome is that you can go all the way to find these dinos. Even traveling out in a helicopter! This is something you get to drive and let me tell you, it’s so easy to drive. No mechanical knowledge is needed and you actually take your tranquilizer dart and go to shoot them down. That way you can bring them to the habitat in the park you have set up for them. Now that is so much better than having it done in the background and you really don’t get to play rescue team or use any vehicle in any other location to retrieve these dinosaurs from all over.

I actually had fun capturing this type of raptor, it was so much better to actually do it myself and the helicopter is super easy to use with not many buttons to press, but everything is explained on the screen if you do get confused. Therefore, it’s nothing but easy peasy, even if you take a few times to understand. Of course, the screen will tell you the buttons on the controller to use and what you need to do. That is why I love the campaign as a start when playing the game. It’s always a great way to learn what you can do and how to play the game so you don’t get lost in the future modes or other tasks you may need to complete.

There was one issue I did have with the game. I don’t think it really is a big issue, but when you do play, you might notice this as well. The ability to take the tranquilized dinosaur by air and lift them to the location you’ve designed in the park for them. However, the odd way to do it, where you don’t drive the plane to lift the dino, but it follows the path you put down can seem a bit strange and would have been done if you could fly the vehicle and bring it over, or it just is automatic, by the team that works in your park. Though this is a small issue, I don’t think it takes away from the fun and exciting things you can do in the game. I just thought it stood out to me and felt a bit odd, that they didn’t do it a different way.

Again, everything is so much easier than in the past game; the first Jurassic World Evolution. Plus, it doesn’t just give you an easier way to play, but it also is still full of great graphics and realistic sound! Another major reason I love, LOVE this game is that the dinosaurs are still as real in how they look and how they act. Nothing is reduced and nothing is subtracted from the game, just because it’s been made WAY BETTER!

Undoubtedly, this game is everything a realistic simulated game should be! Nothing is left out with its detailed and perfect close-up to each dinosaur-creature that you have inside your park! I’ve always loved games like these. Just like if I was playing a zoo tycoon or zoo simulated type of game that uses animals. There is always something extraordinary with all the real-life quality that is provided in this game. So realistic in everything even with the major part of the game, the dinosaurs.

Plus, one can just enjoy some new discoveries, new dino-creatures to put inside your park, and even learn to take care of the dinosaurs you have captured. It really is even a great way to feel like you are really in the movies, doing what they did to keep the dinosaurs you can find and have lived in the park, alive and surviving anything! Plus, helping this park or environment strive by making money to fund and help replenish what needs to be built, supplied for the dinos, and much more! It’s a real-life simulated game that feels just like the movie Jurassic Park. Really makes the game so much fun with much to do and so much more to see and accomplish.

Before I forget to mention the obvious, there is one other feature that the creators of this game made clear to be heard when you begin the game. If it wasn’t that soundtrack from Jurassic Park that will get you excited, they added the familiar character voices. One in particular really stood out to me, Jeff Goldblum as he tells you what had gone on. In the beginning, you hear his voice. Plus, many other familiar voices with their images will appear on the screen. This also can make anyone, as it has for me, feel connected or as if you are taking part in something real, just like the movies!

Lastly, This is one terrific game! I am very much happy to have tried it. I possibly can consider it to be the neverending game. The ability to start over and recreate the park anyway I like, even in sandbox mode is what makes this worth playing! I will continue to play and can’t wait for what else I will discover or learn as I go further through the campaigns and tasks I need to complete.


+ Realisitic Scenary and Dinosaurs
+ Brilliant Sound Effects
+ Sandbox Mode
+ Farmillar Actor Voices
- Few Odd Features

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Jurassic World Evolution 2+ Realisitic Scenary and Dinosaurs<br> + Brilliant Sound Effects <br> + Sandbox Mode<br> + Farmillar Actor Voices<br> - Few Odd Features<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)