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Review: Youtubers Life 2


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Recently, there have been so many sim-style games released, but many don’t compare to Youtubers Life 2. They would normally be designed in a way that provides such a realistic environment and true-to-life gameplay action. Requires you to take the time to understand how to play. For example, you’ll be required to operate or run a device, a vehicle, work a specific job or a few of them, win a race, helping animals thrive, raise money, and many other mechanics needed to play the game. Nevertheless, this game is not anywhere near those games, it doesn’t come close!

So before I started playing this game, one question came to my mind. Will this game make me a top Youtuber in real life, or is it just a bit far from what you really have to do to succeed? I guess it could, but to tell you the truth, there is more to it than what you get from this game. It’s a bit more just for fun and to entertain verse what you could really do to obtain a huge following. Don’t get discouraged, I do feel and see that there are a few relatable ways this game can be similar to reality, but it’s more just a fun sim game.

To be honest, I noticed when starting the game from the first time that Youtubers Life 2 was way off from being realistic. It’s more like the My Sims games, which was a version of The Sims, but a little easier, and felt it was perfect for kids to play. At least, this can be perfect for all ages, especially for the younger crowd, and a safe game for everyone to enjoy. The bright and cheerful music really makes you feel entertained, even feels perfect to play during the holidays or with a group of others.

In my opinion, it ends up feeling a bit too childish, than what it could have been. I guess I could say I’m thankful that this game is one you don’t need to do too much of the work that a real-life Youtuber would have to. Instead, it can be looked like a joyful game if you are looking for an easy, fast way to build a lifestyle as a video content creator on Youtube, especially just for fun!

Plus, I really kept getting reminded of My Sims and how a child or teen may find this more enjoyable. I mean it is very easy to understand and has an inevitable charm to it. Especially, by the colorful and adorable design. Also since you can create your own character, which may be one positive piece of news about this game.

You can avoid the entire sex question when it comes to your choice. It allows you to freely choose your body and what you want for hair, skin color (green is a choice), clothing, and accessories you want to have on your character. It’s awesome to have that ability to be free and not be judged by the appearance you’ve come out with. Just one thing I felt was lacking is the option of choices. It is very limited and I feel could have had more options in colors for the skin. Who knows, maybe a purple character would be awesome! Plus a few other things could have maybe had a bit more options to choose from.

Sadly, a limited way to choose how one’s character may appear, well this was a part I always enjoyed in simulation style games, taking the time to enjoy creating a character is what makes the game a blast and might take a while, but that is just because I love to design my person to be unique as I am. However, that is one issue I had at the beginning. At least it will make that portion of the game a bit quicker for me.

So from my first assessment of the actual game in action, it just doesn’t really hold my attention as much as other games. The gameplay sort of turned me off from the game. Being asked a series of questions, not many but just a few, or having to push certain buttons to make sure you get the right one to make the video correctly. If you do everything correctly in these puzzles, you will get a bigger win. However, it seem like it was ok, but I guess I was thinking this game would be something different.

One last thing, regarding the game, after a few more tries and play-throughs. Even though above is how I felt from the first gameplay. I did happen to play it a few more times and each of the other times I played, I felt a bit differently. Actually, I had to take myself away from the game for a little bit of time. So when I played it again I realized that it’s not as horrible as I felt it to be. Yet, I still feel the game was missing something and was going to be something different.

Therefore, the game is quite different than my first opinion. I will keep playing and yet I still feel it lacks a bit of what I wanted the game to be. It does still bring this charming and original gameplay. So I wouldn’t decide it to be a bad game at all, just don’t expect it to be too complicated, as it’s just a fun version of making it as a Youtuber!


+ Easy Gameplay
+ Work with Real Youtubers
+ Creatable Lifestyle
- Repetitive Gameplay
- Better for the Younger Players
- Limited Character Design

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Easy Gameplay<br> + Work with Real Youtubers<br> + Creatable Lifestyle <br> - Repetitive Gameplay<br> - Better for the Younger Players<br> - Limited Character Design<br> <br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Youtubers Life 2