GamingReview: Bus Simulator 21

Review: Bus Simulator 21


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Buses have always been needed and used. They get you from one location to another. I feel there is some interest in being able to drive a bus, such a large vehicle. Even more so, when one can drive these large vehicles as a profession, helping many get from one spot to the next.

No matter the purpose of riding on a bus, it really does something for anyone who needs a ride. Use to be one main source of getting places, well one of few options. So wouldn’t it be fun to jump into the driver’s seat? Wouldn’t you love to take control of the steering wheel, and travel all over, getting a bunch of people or even a single person to their designated location on time? Maybe the better question to ask yourself is if you think you’re able to take the job of a bus driver for at least a day.

So, let’s get down to it! How does this game compare to the real thing? I can say it definitely brings that realistic feel, right from the start of the game. The character design is even stunning with the options you are allowed to choose for the character, but it can fall short in some areas. I know the main purpose of the game is to drive a bus and understand how to operate it correctly. However, there is always the person that drives the bus that makes the greeting to each who comes on the bus and takes the fee. So having that ability to personalize your own character, well that is a pleasant sim-feature I love!

The only downfall is that with so many clothing options in colors, it falls flat in a few styles. Plus, the body shape is better than many that do a body for a person; a human being. However, it’s not complete! I feel it’s missing a few other shapes, which could be slimmer or heavier. It feels like the option is limited to a bunch and not what a real person could appear or even the player. Cause, I would love to look like myself in the game, but it’s hard to do so if that option of appearance and shape isn’t included. Also, the same with facial appearance, hair, and a huge, HUGE issue the skin color. The three colors they allow for you to be are not accurate for everyone and might seem a bit biased towards many who aren’t either the shades shown.

Unfortunately, if you want to be creative with your character or driver’s appearance in style or look as you can be yourself in this game, well it’s probably not going to happen for many. Additionally, the buses are at least a bit more freely designed and come in a variety of types; big-name busses. This is really an awesome feature and ability to be able to enjoy a little decorating with these big vehicles you’ll be driving around all day.

The controls are right on target when you really need to drive a bus in real-life. Ok, it’s not really a controller that has all the buttons to drive a bus, but in the vehicle, you have a realistic vision of the steering wheel, the left and right light turner, and plenty of other things that need switched on or off. It can be a bit time-consuming because the bus is so much to just learn. I did get overwhelmed a bit, and it’s nothing new, all these realistic sim-style games require you to understand and learn the mechanics before actually playing the game like you’ve played it for years, or in other words, drove a bus for years.

The tutorial stage is very much necessary and will really help you out. The guidance was quite well done, in my opinion. Just maybe because of not knowing my controller and what does what could be hard to recall which or where to locate certain things to operate the bus. I think just knowing where each feature is for the bus took me the longest time.

However, practice makes perfect, and sometimes, one just needs a bit of time when playing a game like this! Nevertheless, it is accurate to a real bus and provides that real feeling of one. Additionally, the bus itself is very nicely designed, like all the top-quality ones out there. It’s got such large and clear windows that you can see all things, people, inside as well as the seats. The way it drives at such a perfect speed, not letting loose when you push on the gas or falling over when you make turns. It drives like a bus and is so much easier than many games that provide you with too much speed, so you are surely going to flip over.

This game, Bus Simulator on the other hand is a bit more helpful and supplies you with the right amount of gas to get your vehicle moving and grooving to each stop and location, without becoming a game of road rage and crashing into everything in sight. That would be quite funny to see happen, which the game would need cops to be added as well! No matter, the game is quite nice without that feature, a bit more relaxing and the weather changing will even bring more life to the game as well!

Oh yes, there are so many other game options, if you get tired of playing just the traditional mission style mode. There is a multiplayer option that can be fun with others to play with, as well as playing alone in a sandbox mode. There are actually a few different ways to play. I do enjoy it when a game allows for a variety of different gaming modes. It makes for a bit more excitement from the traditional play to a more unique and play as you like version. As well as play with others.

Lastly, the game does play perfectly, feels like one is riding and driving in a real bus. Traveling and touring around the many different locations, picking up and delivering everyone to their stops on time. It can be challenging and fun. Plus, the game is such a joyful and original experience that no other game has ever brought to a player. It’s one game to give a try and see what a bus driver does each and every day.


+ Excellent Graphics
+ Real Top Brands of Buses
+ Ability to Design Your Character
+ Variety of Game Modes
- Limited Character Design

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Excellent Graphics<br> + Real Top Brands of Buses<br> + Ability to Design Your Character<br> + Variety of Game Modes<br> - Limited Character Design <br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Bus Simulator 21