GamingReview: Real Farm - Premium Edition

Review: Real Farm – Premium Edition


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Are you looking for a game that allows you to follow a passion you may have, a farming lifestyle? Then you’ve found the perfect game that puts you in that position! Real Farm is all about being able to take on the career life as a farmer, riding around in big vehicles, planting crops, taking care of animals, and doing what you must to keep your farm thriving through all weather conditions and as the days go by.

Real Farm is also a game filled with realistic vehicles, buildings, environmental style background, and even the sounds that you hear perfectly compliments the game. I felt like I was transported to a realistic farming lifestyle, a countryside with clear fields and paths, trees, and everything you’d see on a professional, large-style farm. Not many loud noises, just that of the birds and wind, and it just made me feel even more relaxed.

Additionally, knowing that it’s not all about sitting back and enjoying the scenery, I do need to learn the ropes of farming. So as a sim-style farming game, there are skills to be learned and new challenges to come my way. However, after all the work and learning to do things, it’s honestly become a very relaxing game. As long as you follow a routine.

Also, don’t expect to complete this game super fast or rely on this to be a game you can play quickly when you need to play something for a short time. Instead, this is a game that needs you to take your time, get to know the work that a farmer needs to do and keep up with any issues that may occur unexpectedly. The missions required by you as part of the career gameplay will require you to complete them before you can do anything else. It’s another way to learn the ropes of the game and understand how the mechanics of each machine and vehicle needs to be used.

You will notice these missions being nicely listed on the right side of the screen and can be also accessed in the menu section of the game. The one thing you will probably find enjoyable as I have is that the controls are quite easy. It’s not as complicated as many simulated games and still has some difficulties, but it does seem still a bit easier to move and control everything on the screen while focusing on the task you have to do next. It is a challenge and this is where the practice and learning come in handy, but after getting everything figured out and used a bit, it becomes simple from thereon. So that each time you need to use a certain contraption it’s going to be like you’ve ridden and worked with them for years.

One thing I want to return to. When I mentioned you shouldn’t play if you are limited on time or want to play something fast. Well, it is true it is required you play it as if you’ve got time to enjoy the game and work as if you were on a real farm. As the time in the game is as long as it would be in real life. It’s not meant to be faster or quicker. There is a time that tells you how much should be spent on an activity, which might push you to work harder, but it is a very slow count as in real-life. Its time seems to go as it would if you were using a real clock.

Therefore, don’t expect that you can prepare the field in 5 minutes, especially if it’s a large area that needs to be worked upon. This is another reason I really loved and still love this game. It’s so real and builds that true experience for those who live in the city or nowhere near a farm and want to enjoy that type of lifestyle.

After figuring out how to work everything and do the job as a farmer through the career mode. There are a few new additional things you can have added to the farm. This could be purchasing new farm animals, crops to plant and grow, and even more farming equipment and upgrades. So this game can change and be as unique as you want your farm to be. It all depends on the work of the gamer; you.

There was one problem for me when playing this game. So please don’t get discouraged, since it may just be annoying to me, but may not be for others. However, when playing Real Farm on the Nintendo Switch, I found that the game squeezes in the map and the missions on one side. They tend to be a bit small and hard to see when everything appears to show with tiny images on the map. It can be a bit hard to see or understand where you need to go.

I felt this made it a bit crammed together and I couldn’t find any way to adjust or change the camera’s focus. Just enough that I can see what I’m doing and the map, as well as the mission list, is easier to read. Plus, not being too squished on one small screen.

Lastly, if it’s farming you are interested in, working as a farmer. Possibly if it’s the joy of taking this position as a career or remember what you once did before moving to the big city, well now you can jump back into that driver’s seat, doing everything a farmer would need to just by playing this awesome game! Oh yes, one other thing to be happy about when playing Real Farm. There is no need to get dirty or smell like you’ve worked all day on a farm when you can just play this game!


+ Relaxing
+ Beautiful Graphics
+ Easy to Control
+ Realistic Sounds
- Inability to Zoom Out Further/ Feels as Everything Squeezed on The Screen

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Real Farm - Premium Edition+ Relaxing<br> + Beautiful Graphics<br> + Easy to Control<br> + Realistic Sounds<br> - Inability to Zoom Out Further/ Feels as Everything Squeezed on The Screen<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)