GamingReview: Construction Simulator 2 - Console Edition

Review: Construction Simulator 2 – Console Edition


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Construction Simulator 2 is a really impressive game! Like many sim-style games, this console version of the game is loaded with plenty of vehicles and machines to get the player excited to be right behind the wheel! I shouldn’t speak for everyone, but I know this is just how I felt during each time playing!

It did take a bit of time to understand the controls, but not too bad as many simulators. I just was pleased to get to try what constructors do on a daily basis. Also learn what each machine is really meant to do, without getting my hands dirty.

Another wonderful thing is that this game supports so many top-name brand vehicles. A few to mention go under the name of Miller, CAT’s, Atlas, and even Mack Trucks! All these work to help the player, which is us, do each of the required jobs needed to be done correctly the first time. Some of these jobs that will need to be done within this game would possibly make a real constructor who loves their job feel like they’ve just entered Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the first time!

These jobs are all mixed on what the player will need to complete. Just to name a few, could involve repairing roads, creating a livable location for so many new buildings, and even some gardening work. It’s not one game that will keep you doing the same job, in different locations over and over, which gets a bit boring. Instead, this game brings the player so much more entertainment, especially with the many things you can add and build to a location.

As a real-life career worker in the construction world. I feel that this is a great idea of what the player really would have to endure on a daily basis. Of course, I’m talking about the days they would be actually doing their job and even when they are just needed to do some emergency repairs as well. So for me, that is what first makes this game, like so many other simulator games quite remarkable! Especially when it brings wonderful graphics to compliment the true-to-life impression you get of working these jobs, machines, and vehicles.

Additionally, what also takes the pressure off with this game is that you don’t have to be a qualified constructor to play. It’s all about having fun and isn’t as difficult to learn. Anyone who wants to play can jump right in and enjoy being a constructor for the first time or play one in the real world as well as in the gaming one. So there is no stipulation or reason to stop any level of player to pick up their console and start working!

Let’s now get to the game itself! At first, you can choose the character you’d like to be, from two women options and even three male choices are available. It’s limited but does make for a very simple choice for the player. Of course, I always enjoy the ability to make the player your own, but it’s basically only a few options. Nothing to change how you appear, it’s either one person of your choosing, five choices in total. Plus five bold color backgrounds you’d like to have included as a backdrop.

After this, it’s now time to name the character; you as the player would like to be called, and what company name you’d love to work for. The title of the company and the name of your player can be as creative and interesting as you like. At least this gives you as the player one positive feature of the game, freedom of naming. From there it’s all about quick training while driving a trail and meeting the requirements being asked.

Now it’s time for just the real jobs that will be arriving on our to-do list! Plus, with the many different vehicles, you’ll learn how to use them when the job either requires you to purchase them for our fleet or just take the steering wheel and bring that one you own to the location in which they are needed. In addition to all these machines you’ll be driving and working with, I am grateful to mention that each utilizes the same controls, nothing extra or new to learn from one or another. It’s all basically the same, and it’s not even difficult to learn how to use them. Everything is well explained and clear enough to learn quickly! That is one positive piece of news, which I’m so glad to share. So I can thankfully state that this really puts this game more into one that I’d love to play, than any vehicle-style simulator game I’ve played recently!

There is one feature I want to really compliment about and it’s the driving feature of this game. It’s truly a marvelous feature! Maybe I should state I don’t drive often or mind in many games as they are challenging to get the right speed; mph and camera view correct at the same time. So to be able to play a game where you can drive and get to a location with enough room to see the entire vehicle by the right camera position, which is easy to maneuver as well, is a blessing!

In addition, the camera has the option to be adjusted enough that you can see from either a further distance or to a closer one, with ease. Just as I like it, simple! However, for those who want right out of the dashboard, mirror view like you are looking at the road; front of you visual, this isn’t part of the game. Yet it doesn’t bother me, I don’t mind that feature as much, I rather the distant style view, it’s easier to watch my driving while I back up and move forward.

Honestly, it’s fun to even just drive on the road and even if it means missing the area one needs to get to. Nevertheless, driving and being able to drive with ease, no full force as if you’re going to be playing a game like a Hit and Run, or Grand Theft Auto, is just wonderful! Plus, it’s very easy to monitor your driving speed; mph shown on the bottom of the screen, and not boogie too much that you can’t stay in between the lines. I find myself to be driving like a Pro! It’s not that hard and I can keep a good pace, which is what I’m loving with this simulated game, I finally am a good driver!

As with all the jobs, they have challenges and something new to learn. However, it’s very easy to understand and the game isn’t complicated for anyone to pick up to play. I know I’ve said that before, but really this is what really makes it one of my faves games!

Now it all can not just be a joy, there is one problem that stood out to me. Others may consider this minor and it really isn’t something gigantic to make it a horrible game. However, the graphics could possibly be a bit glitchy. When you play it might turn out a bit strange and does reoccur often, which makes me question, what is going on?

I might have said that the game had beautiful visual appeal, so real like, oh and the music and sound is again just as real! However, the people. Well, the ones walking on the sidewalk are a bit odd. Not odd in design, which they look real enough. Just that they appear and vanish to reappear a little further on the sidewalk as if they walked that distance, invisibly. I noticed this issue when driving beside them, on the road of course. Again, this doesn’t ruin the game or make it really any problem. So I don’t want to put that out there as a big issue. Instead, it’s just a little thing that caught my attention the most may see as well while playing the game through.

Lastly, I must say, there is no question I love many types of sim-style games. This is all due to the first time playing the classic game Sims on PlayStation 2; PS2. Regardless of my love for many different simulators; sim-style games, I can’t find anything but an entertaining and enjoyable game from playing Construction Simulator 2. So many jobs to accomplish, each allowing the chance to control, drive, use and do so much with each machine and vehicle, top brand names. Not that I wouldn’t mind if it was a made-up name. However, the game just brings what I want from a simulator, real-life; true-to-life feeling to the main vehicles and machines in the game, and career-style jobs. All I can say is that this game is excellent and the easiest to control on a handheld console!


+ Brilliantly Clear and Realistic Graphics
+ Plenty of Top Name Brand Cechicles to Work with in a Variety of Jobs
+ Easy Controlling of the Vechicles and Machines
- Glitchy Human Graphics
- Design & Limited Character Option

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Construction Simulator 2 - Console Edition+ Brilliantly Clear and Realistic Graphics<br> + Plenty of Top Name Brand Cechicles to Work with in a Variety of Jobs<br> + Easy Controlling of the Vechicles and Machines<br> - Glitchy Human Graphics<br> - Design & Limited Character Option<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)