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Review: Klang 2


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I’ve never been too fond of games that require following a rhythm or beat and do it in a certain mannerism that allows you to correctly earn those points or defeat any enemy in front of you. It was due to some bad experiences with a few games. I rather just turn them off and stop playing when noticing it’s that type of game. However, I didn’t do anything like that for this game, the total opposite! The unique design and story appealed to me, so did the music and after playing a few times playing in a single day, I honestly can say I was quite hooked and impressed. I may have to rethink games about music and rhythm!

First off, I’ve never played Klang before, so having a chance to try the 2nd edition and getting to experience every bit of the game, well it is true enjoyment! The music, the flashing lights, and the colors going all over are just mesmerizing! The game is a perfect balance of gameplay coordinated quite well with the music even in with mistakes by not accurately getting the perfect aim at any time, it still plays excellently, and playing on the Xbox One console makes it just superb!

Let There Be Sound!

There is no doubt in my mind that this game is quite remarkable and unique. I’m totally engaged in accuracy and being a perfectionist when it comes to the goal of winning each level! Additionally, I want to make clear that this review is going to be based on the game as you start it up, first thing. There were no changes in the controls and to make it anyway easier, just as it would play if you started right when it came on without configuring the control keys. I only want to make this clear because, there is no difficulty level adjustment, but you can change the way it auto-locks onto each mark, taking one less step away from the game and making it a bit easier. Also adjusting the control to work with your choice of the trigger button.

For me the X button was ok, but I’m used to pressing the A. It was so much easier to push than X all the time. Therefore, these setting changes can aid in the way the game plays and makes it easier for those who need a little less worry on speed and more just on accurate timing. So my review is based on the game as you first turn it on and play it, not with the adjustments.

So first off, I must admit that in the first few rounds of the game, my score was graded with a letter C. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t grasp the concept of the gameplay, to get it anything more than a C. I was just blasting my tuning fork’s power at each shape as quickly as I can, hoping it was correct. However, there is so much more to it than speed, which dawned on me after a couple of redos in each level.

I did notice that my controller, which could just be me, but for some reason, the triangle-shaped marks made it hard to get it completely accurate. Yet, I’m not sure if this is an error or something else, but I finally realized there is no need to do it perfectly, just good enough. It would accept as long as the shape is in the lines somewhat, which is a blessing as it’s hard to always get it just right. So it took a few tries to realize what mistakes I’ve been making. Especially when it came to the other shapes, aiming when it’s in the right location at the right time. Nothing can be too far off, or you’ll see words appear this is anything other than PERFECTION!

Is this game fast-paced, yes and no. It can require a quick response, but also patience is needed. So I wouldn’t suggest this game for someone who wants to sit back and feel they’ll be playing something relaxing. Especially, if you are not able to be patient and always got that trigger finger pressing the button to blast balls of color all over the place. I almost can say it’s like how you would play Guitar Hero or any game that requires accuracy at certain timing.

As the main goal is to continuously aim accurately at the correct locations when required. The wonderful music in the background may even push you to feel as if you need to shoot sooner, but don’t be fooled. Sounds can trigger that speed-up effect and not really help if you want to get the score to pass. I’ve felt that way when I use to play any Mario game. The one-minute timer, changing to this fast pace sound, it pushes you to want to go faster. This is where the game brings a bit more challenge to the player, seeing if they can hold they’re cool and continue to be perfect and correct at all times.

Once again, I must say that it’s not such a super easy game to get right away, but it is fully challenging. You first need to learn to play the game through the tutorial. Especially, if you happen to be like me and not have ever played the first game, I’m sure it would have been played the exact same way. However, being my first time trying this game, it really interests me because it’s got some very nicely motivating music and sequence challenges that add to the difficulty. I won’t just be playing the game through, get a high score the first time around, and be done with it in an hour or two. So look forward to a more challenging game than just a simple and easy one!

On the other hand, it may mention using a pair of headphones; earbuds while playing. I must say that even without a pair of headphones, the game still sounds quite remarkable. Of course, the sound in a set of headphones may make for a stronger and powerful background sound while playing. I don’t think it really is too bad without! In addition to the music, each beat just plays well with the music that you get to hear during each level and the dark atmosphere with the bright colors; flashy fireballs, which you’re aiming and shooting with your tuning fork is just a perfect combination. The entire design from sounds to background scenery and graphics is just brilliant!

I never was a fan of these games, as mentioned above. However, after playing this game, I find my entire mind and eyes immersed in the game! I just want to keep playing till I am able to reach the passing grade or a higher score than I got before. Yet, it is a bit challenging to get each sequence right, while everything speeds up during the level. Additionally the taunting the game throws out, if you aren’t doing as much as you should, it can be a bit hard not to step back and stop playing till you can show off your skills and beat the level, proving that you do have what it takes!

The Final Beat

Kang 2 is really one entertaining game! I can’t say there is anything wrong with a little bit of a challenge from being used to a slow-paced or one that requires a quick change in aim to hit each note just right. I really feel so much more engaged and excited to continue to play and get a better grade; score!

Even if it’s difficult, I’m so blessed to have a chance to try such a splendid game that is pushing my eyes to be on alert for the next location that the target will appear and have my finger ready to aim. The only way to be the best in this game will include speed, but most of all accuracy. After you get those few things down, which is speed, timing, and aiming accurately you will be super successful! It really will have you pushing till you aim for perfection or close to it!


+ Perfectly Coordinating Music with each Game
+ Full of Entertaining Flashing Colors
+ Original Story
+ Adjustable Settings for Ease of Contols
+ Fast Pace and Nonstop Captivating Action
+ Challenging Sequences

- No Adjustment on Level Difficulty
- Requires a bit of Perfection to Accurately Succeed in the Levels

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Perfectly Coordinating Music with each Game<br> + Full of Entertaining Flashing Colors<br> + Original Story<br> + Adjustable Settings for Ease of Contols<br> + Fast Pace and Nonstop Captivating Action<br> + Challenging Sequences<br><br> - No Adjustment on Level Difficulty<br> - Requires a bit of Perfection to Accurately Succeed in the Levels<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Klang 2