Review: Ynglet

A relaxing and meditative adventure awaits you in the game Ynglet. You will play as a jellyfish-type creature that floats through a hand-drawn world...

Review: Cat Café Manager

Have you ever wanted to work in a café or maybe you already have? How about would you ever like to run a café...

Review: A Musical Story

A Musical Story is a game that takes place in the 1970s where we follow the journey of a young man named Gabriel, a...

Review Tetris Effect: Connected

Puzzle lovers, guess what! Tetris is back and plays great on the Nintendo Switch. The game itself is way more captivating than it's ever...

Review: PopSlinger

Get ready to travel back in time with PopSlinger. Where the music is motivating and it'll have you grooving to the beat as you...

Review: Klang 2

I've never been too fond of games that require following a rhythm or beat and do it in a certain mannerism that allows you...

Review: No Straight Roads: Encore Edition

Sometimes you get a feeling that you are about to play something special. No Straight Roads: Encore edition is available on Windows PC. It...

Review: No Straight Roads

Rock will never die.

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Review: DREDGE

DREDGE is a peaceful and beautiful fishing simulator that's occasionally broken up by eldritch abominations from the deep. Thoroughly enjoyable!

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