MicrosoftWindows Home ServerWHS 2011 Add-in: Drive Bender v1.2.0.0 (RC1) Available Now

WHS 2011 Add-in: Drive Bender v1.2.0.0 (RC1) Available Now


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Today saw Drive Bender for Windows Home Server 2011 – RC1 released – its version There is also an offer to buy Drive Bender at a pre-release price.


Here is what they said:

DriveBenderWHS v1.2.0.0


New beta license key for all versions
To install, select “Activate”, enter the key, DO NOT check the activate online option. Note on WHS, the activate option is on the Drive Bender getting started screen.

To purchase a Drive Bender license at the limited, pre-release sale price of $20 USD, click here.

For more information check out the Drive Bender website

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  1. The download seems to be only for beta testers. Is there another way to get my hands on the RC1?

  2. The download is for beta testers only. Is there another way to get my hands on the RC1?

  3. I have the same problem,I already bought the RC1 via PayPal but I wrote a mail to Anthony from Division M – Drive Bender, hopefully he can help me to get the RC1 although I am not a Beta Tester!


    • Similar issue here. I click the link above pay with cc. Hopefully I can get the RC1 download access too. (not a beta tester either)

  4. Any word on whether or not you were able to download Drive Bender even though you aren’t a beta tester?

    • Sorry JJ but it looks like you had to sign up to be a beta tester earlier in the process to be able to get it.

      I dont believe it will be long now until the final version is out.

  5. I guess I should have read these post before I bought it too. I saw the (Beta Testers) but I figured it would stop the process somewhere along the way if I didn’t qualify. Well I guess I’ll have to stick with WHS v1 for a while longer. I bought WHS 2011 a couple of months ago but decided to wait for something to replace Drive Extender since the RAID options were not acceptable (too slow or expensive)

  6. So what about paying the $20? Does that allow us to download the final version, eventually, for that $20? or do I need to be asking for a refund? I do have to say that if the final version is much more than $20, I won’t be using it. $20 is already borderline expensive for an ADD-IN….especially when it was free (in WHSv1) before.

    • I think the best thing would for you to contact Anthony and confirm with him as I though that the $20 was for existing beta testers. Best to check with him….

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