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Review of the Final HomeServerSync Beta Part 1 The Windows Home Server Add-In


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Here we take another exclusive look at the HomeServerSync add-in for Windows Home Server from Tranquil. This time it is the final beta build and we are looking at the Windows Home Server Add-In.


We had an exclusive first look at the HomeServerSync beta earlier in July, and information on HomeServerSync itself a little while before that.

And earlier this week we announced that the final beta of HomeServerSync was released to a select group of beta testers.

So after playing around with this final beta for a while, I thought I would post up my experiences and show some of the features that were not available the last time – specifically the VPN service.


The first thing you need to do is to register for the service. You do this by visiting the HomeServerSync portal and clicking on Sign Up.


Complete all the details and click Submit.


Once you have successfully registered you might want to sign in to just check your account is working before continuing.


After placing the MSI file in the add-ins folder on your Windows Home Server, installing the add-in is just the same as with any other Windows Home Server add-in, up to a point.

You will be asked to install the Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 – don’t worry, just click Install when prompted.

30-07-2010 16-37-56

Once that has installed you will be asked to install the HSSyncServer – again it is just a case of following the steps in the wizard.

30-07-2010 16-38-1330-07-2010 16-38-25

30-07-2010 16-38-4030-07-2010 16-38-50

Once that has been completed you will be prompted to register the VPN. In this beta, sometimes the dialog box is hidden behind another window which gives you the impression that the install has frozen. Just move the windows around and you will find it. This will be fixed for the final release according to Tranquil.

30-07-2010 16-38-58

Enter the account and password details you created earlier and click Register.

30-07-2010 16-39-08

The process should only take a few moments.

30-07-2010 16-39-51

You will also be prompted to install some hardware – the TranquilPC hardware. This is normal and is the virtual hardware for the VPN component – so make sure you click Continue Anyway.

30-07-2010 16-39-29

And that is it – the installation is now complete and you will have to restart the Windows Home Server Console.

30-07-2010 16-40-04

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. Question for Andrew,

    I have the final beta software for this product and I am having problems installing it. I have tried various emails to the developer but none get answered. I am probably emailing to a bad address or something. How do you contact the developer? I see no email addresses on their web site.

    In particular I have had problems getting it to set up the VPN. I get the prompt that asks for login information which I do but I do not get the dialog that tells me that I added the VPN. It goes straight to the Hardware Installation dialog, and at the end of the install it tells me the VPN is missing.

  2. Rick,

    Hi – the issue may be a previous VPN install – we will send reply email asap, advising how to 'fix' (remove) a previous beta VPN install.

    As Andrew said, could you also confirm you have created a registered for a new account first ?

    • Hello,

      I did not have a previous install of this (or the VPN). I did create a new HSS account before I started the install the first time. When the account creation finished it said something about sending me an email but I never got the email.

      I can log into my hss account and I can back up files to it without any issues.

      It appears maybe the VPN account was never set up for this account or something. Should I try to create another account? Can I get the current account deleted or should I just choose a different user name?


  3. I have installed the addin on my WHS. During the install where it asks you to put in your VPN Credentials. I do so and it pops up the Security Warning. I clicked on continue anyways, and then it pops up a box saying no virtual device found. And I think this is why I cannot put in a VPN Node pass key. It says Tranquil VPN Client service not installed in this machine.

    What do I need to do to get this installed?

    • hi Chris

      I had that issue on some of the earlier betas – all I did was remove the add-in and reboot and then try again.

      I assume you are running the latest version 1.10?


      • I have uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled. it keeps telling me no virtual device or it sometimes gives me authentication credentials invalid. but, I can use the addin for backups just not the VPN. the one feature I really wanted to try before buying. And no one can tell us how to contact the Beta Support.

          • Thank you Andrew for passing it on. It is a little disturbing that they are running a Beta for their software and there seems to be no way to contact them and give them feedback. I tried multiple times via their "Contact Us" on their web page and I finally did get a single response after I posted on this site. They said they would get back to me ASAP once they checked my account. That was two days ago.

            I tried the uninstall/reboot/reinstall and saw no improvement either.

            I guess we wait.


            • Hi Rick

              Im not trying to make excuses for them, but I know for the last severals days they have all been working to get the final product out the door (lets just say check back on UWHS in about 4 hours….)

              For now my advice would be to just remove the current add-in, remote to your WHS, check that a virtual NIC isnt there on network connections and come back in a few hours 🙂

              You will then be able to use the very latest, and released build which should work (I tried it at length last night)


              • Thank you Andrew.

                I will check out the new release, I really want this thing to work, it is what I have been looking for since getting the WHS.

                So I will try it out and hopefully purchase.


                • Well I really don't want to try a product out and it work, then I make the purchase. And if something goes wrong you can not contact anyone. Having poor Customer Service during a Beta Test is not a good thing.

                  • thats a fair point Chris – personally I have had no issues with contact, but I certainly understand where you are coming from.

                    Like I mentioned before, they were rushing to get the final product out, but that was no excuse to not respond to support requests, as you say, they did ask for comments and feedback and ran the beta for a reason!


                    • Hello. I preordered HSS during their offering to do so. After having problems installing the VPN during the actual release, I put in a trouble ticket. They responded back that they wanted to do a remote access to my box, and I sent them my info and a block of times that was good for me to do this–that was over a week ago, and I haven't heard back. I then put in another trouble ticket for them to refund my money, again, I haven't heard back from them. What do you suggest I do? Thanks.

                • Just a quick update. They have now released the new version. I tried it and it appears everything is working as advertised.

                  I agree with Chris in that is was a bit frustrating to get no feedback or help from them when they were running the Beta.


                  • Well same issue after installing the 15day trial. Am I missing something? I keep getting no virtual device found when I try and register the VPN. I have already uninstalled the beta addin and rebooted. Installed the new addin and rebooted. I have sent a ticket to the Help link in the addin. So just waiting to hear back.

                    • Hi Chris

                      I ahve contacted Tranquil again for you and asked them to contact you directly to help you resolve this issue.

                      Let me know how you get on.


                    • Chris

                      I tried to install the latest build 1.14 today and got the same error you did but I have managed to fix it after trying a number of differnet things myself, including 2 WHS rebuilds!

                      DONT install the add-in via the Windows Home Server Console on your computer, go install it via the WHS Console on the Remote Desktop of your Server.

                      It works from there, it doesnt seem to work from a client!

                      Let me know how you get on.


                    • I have the same problem and have reinstalled V1.14 via RDC and that does not work either for me. You never get the "Next you will be prompted for VPN registration" dialogue on the reinstall

                    • HI James

                      You dont get that prompt in the same place with 1.14 it would seem. You go into the Console and when you click on the VPN stuff it happens then.


                    • Hello all

                      V1,14 onwards does not 'force' the VPN registration (as some users do not want it)

                      Now the VPN can be registered (or not) on the Sync manager settings.

                  • Rick

                    We have now deleted your old 'beta' account and confirmed your 'subscribed' status

                    We hope that the product now delivers

  4. Good morning all

    Some HomeServerSync users have experienced issues, regarding VPN / Account Expirations.

    Most of the issues are due previous installations of 'beta' or 'earlier' versions of the Add In. Also if users have created multiple accounts with the same email address (no longer possible) this can also cause issues.

    If you are having any issues, please let us know directly ([email protected]) we will promptly provide the solution / support you need to get you up and running again. Please be sure to include your HomeServerSync User ID(s) with any message.

    HomeServerSync 'pre-order' customers will have their account subscriptions 'started later today' after they reply to our customer service message.

    HomeServerSync 'trial' account users will have an extension to their trial, if their trial period was cut short for any reason, due to the upgrade of the SQL DB.

    If you are a trial account, please be sure to check your on-line account before your subscription ends ( and complete your subscription, or your account will become invalid, and backups / VPN / Sync will fail to work.

    We know that HomeServerSync is a very powerful Add In to Windows Home Server – and we know that 'new users' are enjoying its benefits on a daily basis. We apologise to beta / early users who have experienced any issues.

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