Lights-Out Beta for Windows Server 2012 Essentials

Martin Rothschink has just been in touch to say that he has also just released a beta of his Lights-Out add-in for Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

WHS 2011 Add-in Update : AWIECO RemoteLauncher version 1.0.1

AWIECO’s RemoteLauncher Add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 has been updated.

StableBit Marches On; Build 4099 Released

There has been another beta build from CoveCube! StableBit development marches on – now is build 4099.

Orbital Backup Configuration Status Update

Ray Gardener from from Orbital Technologies has been in touch to let us know about updates to the Orbital Backup Configuration application.  Read on...

More Screenshots of Grid Junction for Windows Home Server 2011 Released

We told you last month about Grid Junction for Windows Home Server 2011 coming soon. Now Alexander has posted a few more screenshots.

Remote Notification Released for Windows Home Server

Fellow MVP Alex Kuretz has just released an update to his Windows Home Server add-in Remote Notification. And this update includes support for Apple, Android and Windows Phones!

Grid Junction for Windows Home Server 2011 Coming Soon

Fans of the Windows Home Server V1 add-in Grid Junction will be pleased to hear that a Windows Home Server 2011 version is almost ready!

Drive Bender Is In The Home Stretch….

Today, we received word that the beta 4 of Drive Bender is out. This is expected to be the last beta version.

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