Apple Releases EFI Firmware Update 2.6

Apple has just released an EFI firmware update 2.6.

Apple Releases EFI Firmware Update 2.5

Apple has just released an EFI firmware update 2.5.

Apple Release EFI Firmware Update

Apple has just released an EFI firmware update for 2010 model MacBook Air, Pro and iMac’s.

Microsoft Suing Comet Group in UK for Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Windows Recovery CDs

Microsoft today started legal action against the Comet Group here in the UK for allegedly selling counterfeit Windows Recovery CDs.

Apple Release MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update

Apple have today released an EFI Firmware Update for the MacBook Air.

Apple Talk About Lion Recovery

Built right into OS X Lion, Lion Recovery lets you repair disks or reinstall OS X Lion without the need for a physical disc.

How to Create a Mac OS X Lion Install DVD or USB

If you want to perform a clean install of Mac OS X Lion instead of an upgrade, or you want to have some recovery media available, just in case, then this is the how to guide for you.

Recover Your Precious Files with Diskeeper Emergency Undelete

Windows Home Server is great at recovering lost or deleted files from your backed up machines. But what do you do if you haven’t backed up your computer, or the file was on a memory card or flash drive? That’s when Emergency Undelete comes to the rescue.

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