NEW Palm smartphone now available only with Vodafone UK

The NEW Palm smartphone, (£31 per month with no upfront cost) or £350 Pay as you go when bought with a £10 Big Value...

Look at the Exclusive IMAX poster for Star Wars The Last Jedi

IMAX’s exclusive Star Wars posters are making a return. Starting from Sunday 17th December, IMAX and Disney will be giving away four very limited-edition...

Exclusive Interview with Philip Winchester for Chicago Justice

I had the pleasure of interviewing Philip Winchester in London for the launch of his new TV show Chicago Justice.

Exclusive Interview with Carl Weathers for Chicago Justice

I had the pleasure of interviewing the legend that is Carl Weathers in London for the launch of his new TV show Chicago Justice. Chicago...

“The King of Fighters XIV” new trailer for Team South America

Nelson, Zarina and Bandeiras Hattori join the battle to become THE KING OF FIGHTERS in the next team trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive...

Dead Rising 4 is a timed exclusive to Xbox One for 1 year

Dead Rising 4 with be a timed exclusive to Xbox One for 1 year and 90 days on Windows 10 before going to steam. The...

Exclusive Interview with Scottie Thompson at MCM London 2016

This past week saw MCM Comic Con return to London, and I got the chance to talk with Scottie Thomson. Scottie has been in a...

Optimus Bristol : Troy Baker Acoustic Music Set

This past weekend saw the Optimus convention take place in Bristol, and amongst the guests was Troy Baker, who performed an acoustic music set.

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Review: Left Alive

Front Mission was a series that was pretty popular in Japan and did ok in other territories. Left Alive is a third person spin off from the Front Mission series, it's not a series I'm particularly familiar with so I'm hoping Left Alive will give me the encouragement to try it out.

Review: Train Sim World 2

Many of the kids from my generation share the same experiences when it comes to trains.

Review: Dex

Introduction Dreadlocks Limited dips into the Cyberpunk realm with an ambitious 2D adventure title. Dex is a pseudo-sandbox title, with RPG like elements. Playing as...

Review: SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC

Thunder Force AC is arcade version of Thunder Force III, originally on the Sega Genisis. The game is one of many shooters in the...

Review: Rise: Race The Future

I'll be the first to admit that my racing skills need some improvement. I spent the first couple laps bouncing off walls and rubbing into the sides of my fellow competitors. In nearly every instance, I came dead last. Then, I began to get into my groove, and started to rack up the wins. Rise: Race The Future shines in its simplicity.

Review: Stories Untold

A delightfully weird horror and science fiction puzzle game.