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An Exclusive First Look at the HomeServerSync Add-In Beta for Windows Home Server


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Earlier tonight we posted about Tranquil’s HomeServerSync Add-In – now we take a closer look.


Here is the post from earlier: HomeServerSync Pricing Revealed and Beta Invite

If you want to learn more about what HomeServerSync is, click here:

So as I am on the beta I thought I would post about my experiences with it so far.


Installing the add-in is just the same as with any other Windows Home Server add-in.

09-07-2010 20-04-5709-07-2010 20-05-49


When you have restarted the Windows Home Server Console you will see a new tab called Offsite Backup.

09-07-2010 20-06-32

If you click on this it opens the HSS area.

09-07-2010 20-06-59

The first thing you need to do is click on the Register button, then fill in all your details.

09-07-2010 20-07-2809-07-2010 20-08-51

Then you click on the Settings button and fill in your details you just set up, then click the Sign In button.

09-07-2010 20-09-1509-07-2010 20-09-44

09-07-2010 20-10-14

You can also change the schedule settings here, and set a password if you want to use encryption.


You can add files to be backed up by clicking the Add File button and selecting your file.

09-07-2010 20-12-45

And you can add folders to be backed up by clicking the Add Folders button and selecting your folder.

09-07-2010 20-12-57

Just repeat this process for each item you want backed up.

If the HomeSync Service is not running, click on the Start Service button.

09-07-2010 20-35-51

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