Fractal Design Cases Now Available in the UK

Fractal Design makes some very cool PC case, and now they are finally available to buy in the UK.

More HP TouchPad Videos with Russell Brand

HP have released another video promoting their new HP TouchPad with Russell Brand. This time he goes through some of the features.

HP TouchPad Launches and Russell Brand Advertises

Yesterday saw the US launch of HP’s TouchPad. And who do HP have advertising their new device? None other than fellow Brit Russell Brand.

Tranquil PC Announce Leo SS4 Powered by Microsoft Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials

We have talked about Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials (codename Breckenridge) previously. Today Tranquil PC have announced their Leo SS4 Server powered by Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

Windows Phone 7 Available Today

Microsoft and its wireless partners have officially released Windows Phone 7 today. The new phone operating system is available from AT&T, T-Mobile and Dell on a variety of different phones. Check out this quick post for links to some great Windows Phone 7 resources.

Synology Launch DiskStation Manager 3.0

After having the beta out for a little while, Synology have now launched DiskStation Manager 3.0.

Twonky Release TwonkyManager 2.0.3 Beta 1

Last week Twonky released the first beta for its TwonkyManager 2.0.3 release – want to try it?

TwonkyManager 2.0.2 New Beta is Now Available

Twonky have released a new TwonkyManager 2.0.2 beta which you can try now.

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