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How To Install and Configure DVBLink Server and TVSource v3.01


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In another of our How To…. series we look at how to install and configure v3.01 of DVBLink Server and TVSource.

Here is how DVBLink describe TVSource:

DVBLink TVSource seamlessly integrates Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial TV channels into Windows Media Center, including support for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 HD video, multichannel audio, EPG information, teletext and subtitles. DVBLink enables all native TV control features of Windows Media Center for these channels such as Guide listings, live TV, time shifting, one touch and timer recordings.

At the time of writing this article, the latest version of both Server and TVSource was v3.01 but check as these are often updated.

You can check for the latest version here:

And even better is that you can get a fully functional 20 day trial download as well!

System requirements:

  • Windows Vista with TV Pack or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Satellite, terrestrial or cable tuner hardware

Supported hardware:

  • FireDTV, FloppyDTV (including CI support)
  • Hauppauge WinTV Nova (S and HD S2), WinTV HVR (all models)
  • Pinnacle PCTV
  • Prof Red and Prof Revolution
  • Technotrend Budget (including CI support)
  • Technisat SkyStar2, SkyStar HD, HD2, SkyStar USB2 (including CI support)
  • Terratec Cinergy (including CI support)
  • Twinhan (including CI support)
  • Azurewave (including CI support)
  • TeVii
  • Genpix
  • All other cards, having BDA drivers, are supported as well. However diseqc and CI control availability may differ. Please use DVBLink TVSource Preview to check whether your tuner card works with DVBLink TVSource. No installation is required.

Supported clients:

  • Windows Vista with TV Pack or Windows 7 MediaCenter
  • Windows MediaCenter Extenders
  • Hardware and software UPNP clients (Sony Playstation 3, Power DVD 9, Nero ShowTime 4 and others)


  • Satellite (DVB-S, DVB-S2), Cable (DVB-C) and Terrestrial (DVB-T) support
  • FTA and commercial channels support
  • HD and SD MPEG-2 and h.264 channels support
  • Multichannel audio support
  • Multiple tuner support
  • Guide a la Carte: per channel selection of EPG information source – transport stream, DVBViewer EPG info, xmltv listings or native MediaCenter Guide
  • Teletext and subtitles support
  • UPNP Server to stream live TV to UPNP-enabled clients
  • Easy-to-use Windows MediaCenter channel synchronization wizard

For this series of How To’s…. both Server and TVSource are being installed on the Windows Media Center PC (Windows 7 for those of you who are interested – one of the Sony media center PCs).

Some additional information on the settings and available options can be found in the Installation and Configuration Manual PDF available for download on the DVBLogic website.


Just run the DVBLinkServer.msi file and follow the onscreen prompts.

20-06-2010 15-54-12 20-06-2010 15-54-37

20-06-2010 15-54-53 20-06-2010 15-55-01

20-06-2010 15-55-09

This bit is very important, make sure you choose the Install option!

20-06-2010 15-55-44

20-06-2010 15-56-31 20-06-2010 15-56-40

There is no additional configuration required for DVBLink Server – just make sure you reboot before continuing or you may have some problems – DO IT!

Andrew Edney
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  1. Interesting…. I install satellite dishes and ethernet equipment for a living and there was a few things that I didn't even know here. I suppose that's the reason that most people hire someone to install their stuff for them eh.

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