Stream your favourite TV channels on your iPad or iPhone with the Hauppauge MyTV 2Go-m

Do you want to watch TV on your iPad or iPhone but you don’t want to have to use lots of equipment to do it? Well now you can do just that with the new Hauppauge MyTV 2Go-m.

Watch the BBC’s 2012 Olympics Coverage on Sky with 24 new channels

Watch every second of the BBC’s 2012 Olympics coverage on Sky with the help of 24 brand new channels, dedicated to the London Games.

My Channel Logos Plugin for Windows Media Center Brings Pretty Channel Logos

Anyone who has used the Guide in Windows Media Center knows that the list of channels isn’t exciting! But wait, there is a plugin called My Channel Logos that adds very pretty logos for you.

How To Fix The Missing Guide Data for Freeview HD Channels in Windows Media Center

During the review of the Black Gold BGT3620 tuner, I found that none of the four Freeview HD channels had any information in the Media Center Guide. Fortunately there is a work-around for 3 of the 4 channels.

How To Install and Configure DVBLink Server and TVSource v3.01

In another of our How To…. series we look at how to install and configure v3.01 of DVBLink Server and TVSource.

Sungdale KULA TV

The Sungale KULA portable TV combines wireless touch screen technology with a slim light weight design perfect for a mobile world.

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