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How to build a wireless motion sensor for your Raspberry Pi

Jonathan Evans, the founder of PrivateEyePi has written a tutorial on how to construct a wireless motion sensor and interface it to a Raspberry Pi.

Installing and the Basic Configuration of CentOS

Within the last year in working my current job my employer has started to make a shift on our project being more focused on...

How to Protect Your Smartphone or Tablet from Hackers

Consider yourself warned: cyber criminals have waged a war against the world’s most popular smartphones and tablets. We have a guest post from Jessica Oaks telling you how to protect yours.

How To Guide: Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center for Windows 8

Quite a few people are now using Windows 8, but did you know about the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center?

How to fit the Fractal Design USB 3.0 Upgrade Kit for DEFINE R3

When we reviewed the Fractal Design DEFINE R3 case, one of the comments we had was that the front panel USB ports were only USB 2.0. Fractal then quickly released a USB 3.0 upgrade kit and this is our how to fit it article!

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

Samsung have released updated firmware to enable the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to work with its Series 7 Slate PC.

My Movies How to Videos – What Else Should They Cover?

With the release of the latest version of My Movies, Brian and Rasmus have created some how to videos. Now they want to hear from you as to what other videos they should produce.

Windows Home Server 2011 Answer File Tool

This tool allows you to create and edit installation Answer Files for Windows Home Server 2011.You can easily create files for a custom installation, easily bypass system requirements checks and configure customised disk partition schemes.

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