Withings Returns With Steel HR Sport

After reacquiring itself from Nokia on May 31, 2018, Withings is back with a new look, a strengthened focus on connected health and the...

Justice League and Police Join Forces on Limited Edition Watch Box Set

Police have joined forces with the legendary league of Justice League Heroes to create a beautiful 500 piece Limited Edition Men’s Watch Gift Set, via www.WatchShop.com from...

Two Minute Review: Michael Grant London Carnaby Watch

It's time (get it) for another two minute review, this one is for the Michael Grant London Carnaby Watch.

Review: Just Mobile HoverDock for iPhone and Apple Watch

If you have either an Apple Watch or an iPhone, you might want to consider a charging dock, and Just Mobile have you covered on both counts. Here is our review of both the HoverDock for iPhone and HoverDock for Apple Watch.

O2 Now Stocking Moto 360 in the UK

O2 in the UK are now stocking the Moto 360 for £199.99 with new day delivery upto 10pm at night. O2 have only what...

Pebble Gets a Face Life with Pebble Steel

Today Pebble the company the smartwatch company, just took the stage during CES 2014 to announce its latest device the Pebble Steel for $249. The Pebble...

Kickstarter “Pebble” Shipping 23rd January

Today Pebble made an announcement at CES that the First of the Pebbles will be starting to ship first to the 85,000 Kickstarter Backers on...

How To Install and Configure DVBLink Server and TVSource v3.01

In another of our How To…. series we look at how to install and configure v3.01 of DVBLink Server and TVSource.

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