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Home Server How To – Setup of the iTunes Server


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Home Server Setup

This series of articles is for those of you who just purchased, or are looking to purchase, a HP MediaSmart Server. We have some great video coming up and some wonderful information to help get you started with your HP MediaSmart Server.

Welcome to Windows Home Server

Here at we would like to join with Microsoft and HP in welcoming you to a whole new world of managing your digital movies, music, pictures, file sharing and most importantly, backups!

iTunes Server

When you purchase a HP MediaSmart Server you can use your existing internet service and access your home server website from the outside world. If you purchased a EX490 or EX495 then the portal to your server looks like the picture below.

iTunes Server Setup

With this portal you can access your music by selecting the Media Streamer icon.

iTunes Server Setup

You can then stream all of your music, photos and videos. You can even stream your podcasts. The image below shows the HP MediaSmart Server Media Streamer in action!

iTunes Server Setup

Do you need to setup your Media Streamer? If so, check out the following video.

iTunes Server setup in software version HP 3.0

The following video shows how to enable the HP Media Collector and is for those of you that have an EX490/EX495. This video also applies to anyone who has purchased and installed the 3.0 software update from HP.

Want to know about the 3.0 Software from HP? Check out this article:

Once you have completed the iTunes Server setup you are ready to access your music from the internet!

Be sure to check out future articles that will show you how your HP MSS Windows Home Server can enhance your digital experience.

Timothy Daleo

Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.


  1. Great post, but it’s worth pointing out that the built in iTunes server provided by HP MediaSmart, whilst great at serving content doesn’t have some of the killer features of iTunes proper, eg AirPlay streaming. That’s why I ended up ditching the built in server and running full iTunes on my server. I use iHomeServer which is a wrapper around iTunes that makes it run as a service in the background so no user needs to be logged in.

    It also adds multiple watch folders to iTunes so that I can have a watch folder on my NAS so any new content dropped in there is automatically indexed by iTunes.

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