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Installation of the 3.0 Update on a HP EX485 on a Friday night – Video Edition


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I am fortunate that Andrew Edney had the 3.0 Upgrade Disks sent to me for my EX485. This article is in three videos (21 minutes total) that show the start to finish 3.0 upgrade on a MSS EX485.


Equipment Needed:

  • 3.0 Software Upgrade from HP (Starts at around $30 US)
  • PC with DVD/CD Drive
  • Three Beers (Optional as always)


To order the CDs go to HP and enter your model number at:

Insert the CD…

HP 3.0 CDs

Backup Your EX Series Prior to Upgrade

3.0 Upgrade Part One

3.0 Upgrade Part Two

All done in under an hour!

HP 3.0 Website

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) now requires that I disclose any relationship I may have with anyone that provides something of value in connection with my reviews. I would like to disclose that I do not accept any form of cash compensation. Thank you to Andrew Edney (via HP) for sending me this free copy of the 3.0 Upgrade Disks for testing and documenting in my videos.

See you next Friday night,

Timothy Daleo

Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.


  1. Thanks for the YouTube videos, I'll mention this in the podcast.

    One tip I have, you could disconnect your internet connection, NOT your network connection, so that the server will skip through the updates process quicker. When it reboots, reconnect your internet. Then while your setting up your PC, you can RDC to your server and run Windows Update, or do it from the Console later. I had 42 updates and PP3.

  2. Thanks for the nice video set. Unfortunately, HP has totally dropped the ball on delivering the new 3.0 software upgrade discs to the consuming public.

    I ordered the 3.0 upgrade on February 25th, and HP sent me an email stating that the discs would be delivered on March 5th. That was a joke. It is now St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) and the 3.0 software is no where in sight.

    Today I called the HP Tech Support to inquire about the missing 3.0 software upgrade discs, and the Tech Support guy was obviously embarrassed on the phone to tell me that it would probably be a "couple more weeks" before I could expect deliver. He also said he had many, many other calls inquiring about the same HP fiasco.

    So maybe you can persuade your friend at HP, Mr. Andrew Edney, to have HP post the ISO images for the discs on their support web site, and let us ex48x owners get the new 3.0 software installed without further delay. And have him credit my charge card for the $30 bucks they already debited to my credit card.

    Thanks again for the video. I wish I had the same chance to upgrade my ex485 unit.

    • I have not recorded a video for the EX470 yet. I will be doing that article in three weeks. Make sure you have upgraded your RAM prior to 3.0 installation.

      If you have already upgraded the RAM then the software installation should be almost identical.

  3. I had Upgrading ram to 2GB

    but I do not understand what you think upgraded your RAM prior to 3.0 installation.

    I hope you make a video so maybe it will help

    I can perhaps better understand

    • HP recommends you upgrade the RAM on the EX series prior to installation of the 3.0 software upgrade. The new 3.0 software requires more memory than the original 512MB that was shipped with the EX series MediaSmart Servers.

    • Omar,

      EX470 and EX475 have 512MB and software 1.3.X software

      EX485 and EX487 have 2GB and software 2.5

      You must check the bottom of your server as you seem to have the EX485.


    • A video will not be able to determine your model number. Please refer to the original packaging, serial number, support tab in the Settings area of the console or HP website for further support.

      Again, based on what you told me I think you have the EX485 or EX487.


      • Apparently HP stopped selling the 3.0 update for the older servers a couple weeks ago. Anyone willing to part with their ex480 series discs or have an extra set they would like to sell?

  4. Tim,

    Thanks for the great videos. I have a question or two. Can I do a server restore to a blank hard drive? And if I can, do I have to retore my entire library?

    Any other tips if I take this approach?


    • Yes, you can do a Restore to a new drive. It is the same scenario as if the drive just died and you needed to replace it. You will, however, lose any data that was on it that was not covered under “folder duplication” and your PC backup database. If you use Folder Duplication and BDBB then you will not lose anything.

  5. Hi Timothy,
    I have two EX485 running the v2.5. Is there some where the v3.0 software can be found? I can’t believe HP just left us floundering. Why did they bring version 3.0 out in the first place? to totally frustrate us? It is very hard to understand. They should of at least made the iso’s available for download.
    I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if the cds or iso’s are available anywhere?
    Thanks very much,
    *remove extra @ from email address.

    • Unfortunately, I am not aware of any websites that offer the 3.0 upgrade ISO files. You might try and contact HP tech support directly, but since they pulled out of the WHS market their site has no information and tech support is minimal.

      • Timothy Daleo
        I recently contacted hp support and they no longer have access to these disks an there reccomendation was to find someone with them and ask then to burn you a copy. If possible can you contact me via email so we can further discuss this. Thank you.

        • I’m very surpised to hear that HP’s advice was to find someone to burn you a copy, given this was something that was chargable and thus copying it would be breaking the copyright and EULA on the product.

        • The update disk I had was NDA pre-release and not available for distribution. I would suggest putting a forum topic up to see if someone has the actual 3.0 release disk.


  6. Hi Timothy,
    I have EX485 running the v2.5.
    I just recovered from almost 5 years not touching at all. He just working since 2007-2008 till today.
    The system drive get little broke after 12 years service.
    I follow yours videos on YouTube and recover totally whole console on new system drive.
    From 750GB/7200rpm Seagate to 500ssd/Samsung – working great with 2GB ram.

    Now I need help: – Is there some where place to buy the v3.0 software?
    HP Can’t find anything.

    Stay healthy.

    [email protected]


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