Dave and the trio over at the Home Server Show have just released podcast 81.


Here is what Dave has to say about this weeks show:

The Home Server Show 81 – News and Add-Ins

In today’s episode we go over everything that has happened this week including anti-virus for WHS, Mozy, Drive Balancer and more.

New Eye-Fi Manager released



Install Subsonic on WHS

Entertainment 2.0  – AJ discusses Windows Media Center

Mozy to work on WHS

How to setup the itunes server in a media smart server

Drive Balancer Discussion

Un-Install HP software from MediaSmart Server

Troubleshoot Twonky

A Virtual Home Server

And if you read the post last week, Tim suggested a UWHS drinking game for everytime my name, his name or UWHS gets mentioned. Last week it was 2 drinks, how many will it be this week?


You can find out as usual from here: http://homeservershow.com/the-home-server-show-81.html