CNET to the Rescue, Windows Home Server v1 and the Synology DS411slim

At mark 7:15 into his podcast, Rafe talks for about five minutes on moving from his EX470 HP MSS to a Synology DS411slim. Although he is leaving our community, Synology is not making it easy on him. Check out the links and give Rafe a listen.

HP MediaSmart EX490 On Sale in the UK

Here in the UK, the HP MediaSmart EX490 is on special offer from retailer Staples for under £400 along with a £75 cashback offer from HP.

The Home Server Show 116 Out Now

Dave and the guys over at the Home Server Show have just released show 116.

The Home Server Show Episode 115 Out Now

The guys over at the Home Server Show have just released show number 115, and its a long one this week.

The Digital Lifestyle Show 283 Angry Andrew

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle.com has just released the Digital Lifestyle Show podcast 283, and this week its mainly me talking about the removal of Drive Extender from Windows Home Server Vail and HP’s decision to leave the Home Server market.

HP Out of the Windows Home Server Market

In yet another surprising turn of events, in a week full of surprises, HP are out of the Windows Home Server market, effective immediately.

Home Server How To – Setup of the iTunes Server

This series of articles is for those of you who just purchased, or are looking to purchase, a HP MediaSmart Server. We have some great video coming up and some wonderful information to help get you started with your HP MediaSmart Server.

Obtaining the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo Add-In Outside of the US

Yesterday we told you about a new add-in from HP but if you are outside of the US you may have trouble getting it - here we tell you how to avoid that.

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