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Review of the Home Server SMART Add-In for Windows Home Server

This week saw the release of a new Windows Home Server Add-In called Home Server SMART from Dojo North Software. What this add-in does is monitor the health of your hard drives in your Windows Home Server.

New Version of CloudBerry Online Backup Add-In for Windows Home Server Released

Andy over at CloudBerry has been in touch to say that they have an updated version of their CloudBerry Online Backup Add-in - version 1.3.3.

PerfectDisk 10 for Windows Home Server on a Friday night

To defrag or not to defrag. Is that a question? Tonight I will walk you through the installation of PerfectDisk 10 on Windows Home Server via four short videos. If you have ever thought of using defrag software then check this article out.

Tranquil Windows Home Server Help Add In

Tranquil PC, the makers of such machines as the SQA-5H Windows Home Server, today launched a new add-in called the Tranquil Home Server Help Add In.

Another Good Reason to Install Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta Now

If you have a Windows 7 Starter Edition computer, you really need to run the beta of Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 if you want to back it up.

First Look at Diskeeper 2010 for Windows Home Server

A few days ago we got an advanced copy of the new version of Diskeeper for Windows Home Server – Diskeeper 2010.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday Morning – Unable to Update Windows Live Custom Domains

If you get a Windows Home Server warning that your WHS is unable to update Windows Live Custom Domains with your current IP address today, November 10th, 2009, chances are it is not your fault. We ALL are receiving this error today!

How to fix Windows Home Server when it cannot access the computer’s hard drive

Heres a suggestion for what to do when you receive this error: This computer is not online or Windows Home Server cannot access the computer's hard drive. Please make sure the computer is powered on and connected to your home network.

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