A few days ago we got an advanced copy of the new version of Diskeeper for Windows Home Server – Diskeeper 2010.

There is no specific information on a release date or price, so watch this space – we will of course be doing a full review soon.

The biggest change to this version is the inclusion of something known as IntelliWrite (see after the screenshots).

More info soon…….

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14-11-2009 09-18-55

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IntelliWrite™ Fragmentation Prevention

IntelliWrite is the ground breaking technology that prevents the majority of fragmentation from ever occurring, dramatically improving Windows system performance.

A small percentage of fragmentation is not preventable and will be eliminated by Automatic Defragmentation. The combination of IntelliWrite and Automatic Defragmentation will keep your system running at optimum performance in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Prevention of fragmentation with IntelliWrite has been found to be more efficient than other defragmentation methods. IntelliWrite reduces the need for disk head movement and results in a reduction of system resource usage and power consumption.

Note: IntelliWrite requires more than 2 GB of free space to run.