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Tech Tip on a Tuesday Morning – Unable to Update Windows Live Custom Domains


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If you get a Windows Home Server warning that your WHS is unable to update Windows Live Custom Domains with your current IP address today, November 10th, 2009, chances are it is not your fault. I have four WHS systems in different locations and I woke up to 33 messages from my WHS stating they had errors.

What do you do? Nothing.


Tech Tip

Most errors with Live Domains are not local and just ignoring the error is enough. On a usual day, If you are unsure of the cause of the error, you can reset your Remote Access which will disconnect you and reconfigure your router. Today however the issue seems to be global.




The cause of this error today seems to be with Microsoft and will correct itself soon but there are times when you will need to do the Remote Access reset. Use your power wisely.

See you next Tuesday,


Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.


  1. Thanks for the first sensible results page today. I've googled of and on all day an emailed Windows Live thinking I had something wrong.

    I wonder why MS have not got a page up explaining what to do in simple terms just like this post!


  2. After messing around with this last night I came to the conclusion that it had to be a Microsoft problem. Glad to see someone post something so I know it isn't just me with this problem.

  3. Funny though, just got the server 2h ago and I am already running into the first problem, currently I cannot setup the remote access at all. But thanks for the info, I hope MS will fix it soon…

  4. Do not get discouraged. This is not a Windows Home Server error. This is the first time we have ever seen an error of this magnitude and is probably just a onetime occurrence.

    Work on your user names, organizing your files and downloading Add-Ins until this evening and then try the Remote Access again. Also, if your router is not UPnP then find the information you need so you are ready when the Live Domains system is stable.

    Welcome to WHS!

  5. I am glad it is a Microsoft problem. I have been receiving alerts all day while at the office.

  6. This has been going on since about 4 pm PST yesterday.

    It appears that the Windows Live Custom Domains (responsible for the subdomaining with did a rebranding – they are now Windows Live Admin Center or some such. Since it is a group ENTIRELY outside of the one that Windows Home Server is in, I wouldn't be surprised if someone made a change that didn't include WHS-specific issues. So far, I'm not seeing any indication that OTHER WL Custom Domain customers are affected.

    Plus, they are shedding hundreds more in a layoff starting end of last week. Maybe the poor person normally responsible for this is gone…

  7. Just had an update from someone in Microsoft – they are aware of the problem and it is being worked on. It's just a case of being patient now and waiting for resolution.

    Not the best update I can give but at least they are working on it.


  8. It should all be working again now, and I got an update from Microsoft:

    Today the Live DNS service had a hiccup that prevented updates for records on the domain name. Thus if your WAN IP address changed on your router, the home server was unable to update this record, and remote access was not available. This may have been accompanied with an alert from the home server. If your WAN address did not change during the last 24 hours, remote access was unaffected.

    This at least explains why not everyone was affected.


  9. Tim,

    my home built whs server (I also have hp mss) works great but regularly says that my http website is offline (trying to access I have to reboot from the physical site. I can access from console with in the network no problem. It is becoming a pain in ___. any suggestions?

    • You have your home built set up through HP? Is your MSS also on the same network?


  10. HP is at home. custom box is at wifes office. I try to log into the custom and all is fine and then I get a http 500 error and then have to drive over and reboot the system and then I can log in again. I have whisst and wonder if that is the problem.

  11. I also recently put Avast (the day before the bad definitions) and maybe my problem has only happened since avast. any knowledge, experience, or suggestions, as always would be much appreciated

  12. A 500 Error is a server side error and not with the network. Have you made any changes to the WHS page? Specifically, Add-Ins that are modifying the stock web page?


  13. Being off-site blows. I have a non-responsive server in Reno right now that stuck after the PP3 upgrade. Sucks.

    I would uninstall Whisst first and then reboot. If you are on-site you can try to turn off Remote Access and turn it back on again. Don't do it remotely of course!


  14. It may have only happened since PP3. Everything was great, now every few days goes offline and then I have to try to teach the wife to reboot, (rather not give her the password)etc. It really sucks when she goes to do work from home and I have to go drive to her office and reboot.

    I hope it can be fixed.

  15. another tidbit, when it goes offline it does not send remote notification(thx for help getting that set up) Does your Reno unit stop sending texts too?

  16. My Reno brick is a home build too but my local home build is great. I would try turning off Remote Access, rebooting and turning it back on. I have had HP and WHS techs tell me that solves a lot of hidden issues. I have also had a few glitches with the Disk Management Add-In. Since the PP3 upgrade is has been unstable on three of my systems and caused Console freezes.


  17. I get no love from Reno. It seems to be a server side issue since the web cams have never gone off-line. Waiting for my sister to go over there and hit the power switch. All this tech and we still need a friggin power button.

    I might even be in the same boat you are but until she resets it I cannot tell if it as just a minor glitch.


  18. thx for the advice. I will try the turn off and reboot. I will keep you updated and see if we can narrow it down.

    I love my home build, it has a keyboard mouse and monitor, which at times is really nice. I am sure it sucks power but so what if it works.

    I am looking forward to following your powerful dvr build too. I have direc tv (which i love) and do not think I can do the same project.

  19. It seems like the DTV peeps end up with a PVR kind of set up.

    Let me know. I may end up talking my sister through a similar process!


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