Tranquil PC, the makers of such machines as the SQA-5H Windows Home Server, today launched a new add-in called the Tranquil Home Server Help Add In.

02-12-2009 16-33-42

This Add In, exclusively for Tranquil PC Home Servers, provides a simple tool to provide a link between your Home Server, and their support technicians.

This tool is only used to support your Tranquil Home Server. This tool is not designed to support the client PC.

Remember that when you install the tool you agree to Tranquil having access to your Windows Home Server in order to support you.

To download the add-in, click here to be taken to the download page.

Installing it was a breeze, just like installing any other add-in. After installation you will notice a new entry in the Settings area called Home Server Help.

02-12-2009 16-34-26

Click on and and when you need assistance you can download and run the final component.

02-12-2009 16-34-38 02-12-2009 16-35-01

When this is finished, you will get a machine ID which you need to tell Tranquil support when you click the Help link.

02-12-2009 16-41-27

You need to enter some basic information when prompted and you will see this:

We will aim to review your Home Server within the next 24-48 hours. We will send you a report, via email, after we have checked out your Home Server. It is assumed that the Home Server will be left switched on and connected to the internet.

And that’s it! If you are having trouble with your Tranquil Windows Home Server then this add-in is a great tool for you!