TechGadgetsPebble Gets a Face Life with Pebble Steel

Pebble Gets a Face Life with Pebble Steel


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Today Pebble the company the smartwatch company, just took the stage during CES 2014 to announce its latest device the Pebble Steel for $249.

pebble steel

The Pebble Steel offers a much more premium design than the original Pebble, and features everything we love about the original like a 5 to 7 days of battery life, an epaper display, waterproof sealing and more, though it features a machined steel face instead of the plastic face on the original Pebble. Overall, Pebble says the Steel is thinner than the first model, and also includes Corning Gorilla Glass on the face for strength. In addition, the company added an RGB LED on the lower left-hand corner that shows the current status of the watch while you’re charging it.


The device will launch in two flavours one is a black matte design and the other one is the brushed stainless steel face design. Both designs will ship with two different bands, one matching metal watchband and one leather band.

The Pebble Steel can be ordered today for $249, and also Pebble says it expects to begin shipping the new smartwatch by the end of this month, on 28th January. Shipping is free, including globally, with any early orders.

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