Police have joined forces with the legendary league of Justice League Heroes to create a beautiful 500 piece Limited Edition Men’s Watch Gift Set, via www.WatchShop.com from 9am on Monday (16th October).

The Heroes Box truly is a masterpiece in watch and movie collaboration, designed to replicate an old war chest / briefcase.  The case is exquisitely designed with a brown leather look exterior and premium red velvet interior.  The outside of the case is embossed with Justice League and Police branding, plus its relevant Heroes Box name and ‘one of only 500 worldwide’ to reiterate it’s very limited availability, box set retails for £1,295.00


Inside the Heroes Box, you find the exclusive numbered Limited-Edition men’s Justice League watch plus five other unique men’s 50mm case Police watches inspired by the Justice League members, each presented inside a premium red velvet watch tray. To make this box invaluable, underneath the watch tray each lucky customer will receive a number of one-off Police and Justice League items including; a Police leather wallet, a Limited Edition Justice League key-ring and six Limited Edition mini action figurines, one for each of the films characters; Batman, Superman, Cyborg, The Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.


Each box comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and dust bag for safe storage. There is no doubt that this Limited Edition Heroes Box will be a valuable collector’s item for many years to come!


The idea was borne out of a general watch discussion between ICG’s Senior Brand Manager, John McHale, and WatchShop.com’s Head of Buying, Terry Markham.  Upon hearing of this year’s Police and Justice League collaboration, Terry Markham remarked: “how cool it would be to do some form of Limited Edition watch set for the extended family watches…”   Taking this as inspiration, John McHale brought together a team within ICG to work on this exclusively for UK retailers only. John said, “Ultimately from this discussion with Terry, we came up with the entire concept for the Heroes Box and the back story.”