TechAppleKickstarter "Pebble" Shipping 23rd January

Kickstarter “Pebble” Shipping 23rd January


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Today Pebble made an announcement at CES that the First of the Pebbles will be starting to ship first to the 85,000 Kickstarter Backers on the 23rd January. There will be making 15,000 Pebbles a week the delivery should be complete within 6-8 weeks. The e paper display which is 144 x 168 pixels and it’s made to be readable in direct sunlight. The polyurethane, 22mm watch band is interchangeable, and is “water-resistant through five atmospheres”. It withstands running in the rain, doing the dishes everyday tasks. The Pebble will come in Red, White, Black, Orange and Grey options, There’s a Bluetooth 4.0 module inside the watch its recharged by  a tiny USB cables that snaps on your Pebble, that helps maintain the water-resistant rating for the watch.

Pebble e Watch

There’s also an ambient light sensor built-in, the smartwatch supports, Android 2.3.3 and up and iOs 5 and up. “It works even better in iOS 6”, as Apple added a new Bluetooth profile, users will have a pebble account at go.getpebble, which will manage push notifications, Android Intent API system will allow third-party apps to push notifications to the watch. iOS app integration is coming, too. Incoming phone calls, Pebble will vibrates when the call comes in and you can cancel the call with the touch of a button. The SMS features allows you to view texts on the Pebble, You can change the font size directly on the pebble device, of course other settings include date and time.

underwater pebble

The Pebble comes stocked with several watch faces, but you also install additional ones. The Pebble app for iOS and Android which will let you manage watch faces and control other settings when you select a new face to install on your phone, it will show up on your Pebble shortly after. To turn on the backlight on the Pebble, you tap the watch, and it will trigger the accelerometer to brighten things up. Pebble will continue notifying Kickstarter backers on the latest manufacturing and software updates every two to three weeks.


You can order one today from GetPebble



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