TV Streamer app for iOS to stream TV from your HDHomeRun to your iPad or iPhone

We are big fans of the SiliconDust HDHomeRun here at CDW, and now you can buy an app for that enables you to stream from the HDHomeRun to your iPhone or iPad.

Elgato Launch HDHomeRun PRIME App for the iPad 2

Elgato have launched an app that enables you to use your SilconDust HDHomeRun Prime with your iPad 2. And all for $17.99!

Windows Media Center, 2010 Fall Television and HomeRun Tuners

The new Fall season of American television has started and there is a veritable cornucopia of great shows available for recording in Windows Media Center. Why use Windows Media Center? Monday night has three great shows all on at 10:00 PM. How are you going to record three or more shows at once? Read on to find out.

BYOB Episode 13 Out Now

The guys over at BYOB, including our very own Tim Daleo, have just released episode number 13.

SiliconDust and Hauppauge Activate – Form of a CableCARD tuner!

SiliconDust posted a very interesting press release on their website yesterday. Not only did SiliconDust finalize the name for their new tuner, HDHomeRun Prime, but SiliconDust also announced a partnership with Hauppauge for a new USB CableCARD tuner. Check out the link and start to dream of what this thing will look like. Thank you to usacomp2k3 from the HomeServerShow forums for the heads up.

AVerMedia Launch the HD HomeFree Duet Network TV Tuner

AVerMedia have launched a network TV tuner called the HD HomeFree Duet.

Ceton Cards In Production

Last night I received an automated email from Ceton regarding the production of their InfiniTV 4 CableCARD tuner. No word on a delivery date but at least someone somewhere is turning chips on this product. Another happy email with not a date in sight. Only time will tell as they sure have not.

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