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TV Streamer app for iOS to stream TV from your HDHomeRun to your iPad or iPhone


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We are big fans of the SiliconDust HDHomeRun here at CDW, and now you can buy an app for that enables you to stream from the HDHomeRun to your iPhone or iPad.


This is the release:

Unpaq has launched a new app for iOS today, which if you have a HDHomeRun networked TV tuner box, will let you stream your TV channels on your local network to your iPad or iPhone.

TV Streamer will find your list of channels and present it with channel logos.
Tapping a TV channel in the list will control the HDHomeRun box, and have it stream the channel directly to the device.

You can edit the list to leave out channels that you never watch, and also reorder the list.

What is so special about TV Streamer?
* It works with all iPads.
* It works with iPhone 4 and 4S.
* It does not require a PC or Mac to be turned on.

It works with all HDHomeRun devices – Current and Legacy Models Globally.
It Supports Digital TV Streams from ATSC / Clear QAM / DVB-T / DVB-C (Unencrypted).
“TV Streamer continues the advancement of viewing HDHomeRun content on second screens, specifically iOS mobile devices”, said Theodore Head, President / CEO of Silicondust USA Inc. “TV Steamer supports all current and legacy model consumer HDHomeRun products globally allowing viewing of Over the Air and Unencrypted Cable in all DVB and US markets over WiFi within the customers home LAN network. Silicondust has always supported freedom of TV viewing throughout the home, and TV Steamer is a new tool of enabling this concept.”

TV Streamer will control the HDHomeRun device and start the data stream to the iPad. To watch the stream you need to buy GoodPlayer.
TV Streamer requires iOS 4.3.

HDHomeRun® devices are developed and sold by SiliconDust USA Inc.
HDHomeRun® is a registered trademark of SiliconDust USA Inc.

TV Streamer is available for purchase for $6.99 on the iOS App Store at:

via: Missing Remote

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