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Elgato Launch HDHomeRun PRIME App for the iPad 2


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Elgato have launched an app that enables you to use your SilconDust HDHomeRun PRIME with your iPad 2. And all for $17.99!


Watch live cable TV wirelessly on any iPad 2 in the house! Use this app with Silicondust’s HDHomeRun® PRIME™ and turn your iPad 2 into a sleek, handheld television.


Receive premium cable TV channels on your iPad 2!
Elgato’s app teams up with HDHomeRun PRIME to stream cable TV “copy freely” channels to your iPad 2. If you have Verizon FiOS or Comcast cable television, you’re in luck, because a majority of channels are sent with a ‘copy freely’ flag. And of course, you also get all the unencrypted digital cable TV (Clear QAM) offered by your cable provider.
Record TV on your iPad!

If your iPad can be a television, then why not a DVR? With Elgato’s HDHomeRun app, you don’t have to miss a moment: Pause live TV, use instant replay, and of course record TV shows directly to your iPad. You even have the option of transferring those recordings to your computer.

Works with iPad 2

The HDHomeRun app is only available for iPad 2. All you need to get started is the app, a CableCard decoder for your HDHomeRun PRIME, and a valid cable subscription — and a PC running Windows 7 Media Center for the initial setup of the HDHomeRun PRIME.

iPad 2 App



No computer required

The best part? Your computer does not even need to be turned on while you use the app. HDHomeRun PRIME hardware sends the TV signal straight to Elgato’s HDHomeRun app running on your iPad 2.

The HDHomeRun PRIME “Primer”

There are a few things about CableCard support and the HDHomeRun PRIME that you should know:

Q: What channels can I receive?
A: It depends on your cable company. For instance, Comcast and Verizon FiOS offer most channels with “copy freely” programming, and those channels are what the HDHomeRun app can receive at this time.
Generally, digital basic channels are tagged as “copy freely”, some premium channels are tagged with “copy freely” and some premium channels are tagged as “copy once”. Pay-Per-View and Video-On-Demand services are always tagged as “Copy Never”.
Other cable providers can lock down all their channels with more stringent content protection, and can change the content protection at any time.

Q: What about the other channels?
A: At this time, Elgato’s HDHomeRun app cannot play CableCard channels that are tagged as “Copy Once”. These channels are subject to a much more stringent digital rights management (DRM) system than “Copy Freely” channels. DRM systems restrict what you can do with TV programming once it is in your device, such as recording for later viewing, or copying, or exporting.
The only approved DRM system at the moment is Windows Media DRM, which is not available on Mac OS X or iOS.
Channels that are tagged “Copy Never” such as Pay-Per-View and Video-On-Demand are not supported at all by current CableCard technology.

Q: Can I play back HD channels?
A: iPad 2 is capable of playing back standard-definition TV only. You’ll find that most of your HD content is also available in standard definition.
To learn more about copy protection, visit Elgato’s support web site.


• Silicondust HDHomeRun PRIME cable TV tuner hardware.
NOTE: This app is EXCLUSIVELY compatible with SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun PRIME hardware, not previously debuted HDHomeRun products.
• Requires PC running Windows 7 Media Center to set up HDHomeRun PRIME with CableCard
• The HDHomeRun app is not supported outside the local Wi-Fi network.
• 802.11n Wi-Fi and 1000Base-T Ethernet are recommended.
• Only MPEG-2 standard definition video is supported.
• Supported television standards: Unencrypted digital cable (Clear QAM); Encrypted, access-controlled digital cable signals decrypted through a CableCard™ decoder for programming with the “copy freely” content protection flag set.
• Works with iPad 2; iOS 4.3.3 or newer

Learn more from the Elgato website
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