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SiliconDust and Hauppauge Activate – Form of a CableCARD tuner!


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SiliconDust posted a very interesting press release on their website yesterday. Not only did SiliconDust finalize the name for their new tuner, HDHomeRun Prime,  but SiliconDust also announced a partnership with Hauppauge for a new USB CableCARD tuner. Check out the link and start to dream of what this thing will look like. Thank you to usacomp2k3 from the HomeServerShow forums for the heads up.


Not gonna say much on this one. The new name makes it easy to change my prior build to “HDHomeRun Prime”. Good showing SD! Now, when can I get one?

Check out the links or text below:


SiliconDust USA, Inc. and Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. announce alliance for PC based CableCARD™ conditional access digital TV tuners

Hauppauge to introduce an affordable USB attached, premium cable TV tuner for PCs and notebooks through its U.S. retail sales channel

Livermore, CA & Hauppauge, NY – Sept. 10, 2010 – SiliconDust USA, Inc., based in Livermore, CA, today announced an alliance with Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. to introduce a USB-connected Digital TV Tuner product for use with CableCARD™ conditional access. This product leverages SiliconDust’s design and technology to offer a new addition to Hauppauge’s line of TV tuner products.

This introduction adds native support for premium cable TV to the Hauppauge line of WinTV® tuners. The new TV tuner is USB connected and will work with notebook and netbook computers, in addition to standard desktop PCs.

Concurrently SiliconDust will be introducing HDHomeRun® PRIME™ an Ethernet attached TV tuner product with CableCARD conditional access. HDHomeRun PRIME enables premium cable TV to be accessed across the network from any computer in the home.

The Hauppauge USB and SiliconDust Ethernet attached products introduce affordable solutions in the cable TV tuner market for PCs. Both devices support M-Card™ conditional access and conform to the OpenCable™, OCUR and DRI specifications. Both devices support Switched Digital Video (SDV) in conjunction with a cable-provider-supplied tuning adapter / resolver. The products are designed for use with PCs running Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Windows Media Center.

The Hauppauge USB and SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME products will support high-definition and other digital cable TV, including premium cable channels, direct to the computer.

SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun PRIME product builds on the success of their original HDHomeRun® Network Attached ATSC / QAM Dual Tuner which enables customers to stream digital broadcast video across the home network, without being tethered to one computer in one location in the home.

“SiliconDust is enthusiastic about this alliance with Hauppauge, a leading name in the computer tuner market for many years.” said Theodore Head, President and Chief Executive Officer of SiliconDust USA, Inc. “This allows retail options for both consumers and retailers alike, creating greater awareness of the market and expanding the number of choices available to fit differing needs.”

“SiliconDust’s experience with digital cable access systems combined with Hauppauge’s strong computer TV tuner sales will produce a successful launch of this innovative product.” said Ken Plotkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. said, “Moving forward, we believe affordable CableCARD conditional access TV products will increase the use of Windows Media Center as a full functional digital video recorder for the home.”

This rocks. Seriously.

Timothy Daleo
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  1. Tim–does this mean that you will now be able to watch switched digital, using the tuner to draw the show just like the HD Home Run tuners that are currently on the market?

  2. According to their published data, the Prime should work the same as their current networked tuners. All along they have had the technology. The issue has been with CableLabs and their policy on tuner "sharing" and with cable/signal providers and their switched digital signals.


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