Tag:Nintendo Switch accessory

Review: Sonic Peel Out travel case

Keep your Switch safe with this colourful case.

Review: Sonic Kick game card holder

A colourful game card holder.

Review: Arctis Nova 4X Wireless headphones

Another amazing gaming headset from SteelSeries.

Review: PowerA Pokemon: Sweet Friends

A wonderful addition for you Nintendo Switch set-up.

Review: Gioteck HC2

An entry level headset that is great for younger players.

Review: Turtle Beach Recon 500

https://youtu.be/2HBlg-ysn94 Picking the right gaming headset can be tough. Consequently, with many options available and a range of price points to look at, it can...

Review: ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

Exceptional build and audio quality at an affordable price.

Review: EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid gaming earbuds

An excellent upmarket product.

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Review: Shalnor Legends II: Trials of Thunder

Setting up a proper sequel can be quite challenging since you have to attract both new players as well as new ones. While some...

Review: Humankind