TechReview: ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

Review: ROCCAT Syn Pro Air


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Incredible audio and amazing entertainment are intrinsically linked. Consequently, having the best headphones or sound system is a must. I have been fortunate to use some eye-wateringly brilliant accessories, and now ROCCAT has treated me to some more. The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air headphones are a truly wireless high-end over-ear audio peripheral. What’s more, their stunning design makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Thanks to the lightweight design, honeycomb RGB lighting, lay-flat yokes, and detachable microphone, they are fashionable and practical. Alongside this, they complement the full ROCCAT range because of their looks and their ease of use. 

Using their years of experience, you know you’ll get a premium and high-quality product. I have to say; they didn’t let me down. With crystal clear sound, 3D audio, pitch-perfect microphone pickup, and amazing build quality, this ticks every box. Then there is the multi-faceted approach because it can be used on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and USB-C compatible devices. Therefore, not only does it look and sounds great, it can be used across multiple platforms as well. 

The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air lay-flat yokes make it easy to store.
The lay-flat yokes are a fantastic addition to the ROCCAT design.

What’s in the box of the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air

  • Sleek, simple, and alluring packaging. The compact box wastes no time in highlighting the benefits of these headphones. What’s more, its sturdy design ensures the contents are protected. Disappointingly, the internal packaging is plastic, and therefore it is tough to recycle. 
  • The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air headphones. These beautifully designed headphones are lightweight, robust, and comfortable to wear. The honeycomb shell houses stunning RGB lighting that is memorising to look at. There is a USB-C charging point, two well-placed audio wheels, and a dust cover for the detachable microphone. 
  • The flip-to-mute TruSpeak Mic. This slender and flexible microphone has a metallic grey finish and is built to last. The gold-plated jack creates a premium connection, and it is easy to connect to the headphones. Alongside this, the flip-to-mute option is convenient and quick to use. 
  • USB-C charging cable. A braided cable to charge the headphones. Thanks to the quick charge facility, it is easy to maintain the 24+ hour battery life.
  • USB transmitter. Experience true wireless audio with the latency-free 2.4 GHz USB transmitter. Plug it into your device, switch on the headphones, and relax.
  • USB-C adapter. Connect the USB transmitter to any USB-C device with ease. This small adapter ensures you maintain a wire-free approach at all times. 
  • User manual. A small but thorough start-up guide. Investigate the fundamentals and get started with ease. 

Technical aspects. 

CompatibilityPC, Switch, PS4/5, USB-C devices
Battery life24 hours + with rapid charge facility
EarcupOver-ear with memory foam padding
Pro SpecsYes
Connectivity2.4GHz wireless USB dongle
AppNeon (Beta)
RGBAIMO-compatible 16.8 million colour palette

Comfort, build, and sound quality are must-have components of any great headset. Luckily, the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air has it all. With 50mm drivers, the 3D audio is crisp and accurate. On top of this, a superhuman boost mode picks up the smallest of sounds. Consequently, these are perfect for FPS, where the tiniest of advantages make a massive difference. 

When you are wearing headphones for a long time, they need to be comfortable. Thanks to the memory foam earpads and breathable material, they are cool and fit snugly over your ears. Alongside this, the design is “Pro specs”. Therefore, if you wear glasses, there won’t be any discomfort that can be experienced by its competitors. Also, at 390 grams, they are noticeably lighter than their peers. 

Finally, the detachable flip-to-mute TruSpeak microphone and lay-flat yokes make for an ergonomic design. I loved the ability to remove and stow the microphone. Whenever I’m playing solo games, I don’t want the mic to be in my way. Thankfully, this issue is eradicated. What’s more, the lay-flat yokes ensure it is easy to store.

The ROCCAT Syn Pro Air headphones are vivid and fashionable.
Check out the AIMO-compatible lighting and the 50mm drivers.

Battery life, RGB, and the Neon app

With any wireless peripheral, the battery life is essential. Fortunately, the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air excels in this department. Its 24+ hour battery life and USB-C rapid charging facility ensure you have premium audio for every gaming session. 

The Neon app and the RGB lighting go hand-in-hand. You’ll note the familiar honeycomb smoked grey shell that covers an AIMO-compatible 16.8 million colour lighting compartment. As standard, this has a lighting loop that is vivid and eye-catching. However, you can customise your colours and brightness, or turn it off altogether. 

The app is your go-to tool when you wish to adjust the audio settings. With a handy EQ and balancing options, you can get the levels just right. Moreover, you can alter your range of audio boosts and make other minor tweaks. 

Everyone loves matching accessories.

Are the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air headphones worth it? 

Jumping right to the point, the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air headphones are exceptionally good. They are easy to use, well-built, look great and have excellent audio, and lastly, they have a 2-year manufacturer warranty. On top of this, they are lightweight, have plenty of gaming boosts, and have an excellent battery life. 

However, there are some niggles that tarnish the experience slightly. The Neon app is in the Beta stage, and consequently, it’s a little problematic. Furthermore, the rubberised dust cap for the microphone port is unsightly. If a harder and sleeker material was used, it would have been more subtle and in keeping with the sublime finish. Finally, connecting to an Android device is hit and miss. When it works, it is phenomenal. But when it fails, it is thoroughly disappointing. Luckily, I experienced no issues when playing on PC, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch


At £129.99, these headphones are considered a mid-range price point. Subsequently, you get an awful lot of bang for your buck. They are jam-packed with features, offer excellent sound and mic quality, and are built to last. Moreover, they look and feel fantastic. It’s for these reasons that I recommend you to buy them here

(More information on ROCCAT can be found here!) 

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