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Review: PowerA Pokemon: Sweet Friends


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Nintendo and PowerA have a great pedigree for unusual and striking designs. Consequently, when the two team up, you know you are going to get something special. The PowerA Pokemon: Sweet Friends accessory kit is the perfect set for youngsters or fans of the Pokemon franchise.

Thanks to its pastel tones, stunning character models, and excellent build quality, this will impress anyone that invests. Furthermore, the case can fit a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite with ease. Alongside this, the wired Nano controller is perfect for smaller hands. Moreover, the ergonomic Joy-Con holder is comfortable, well-constructed, and nice to look at. 

What’s in the box of the PowerA Pokemon: Sweet Friends accessory kit?

  • Its cardboard packaging is adorned with Nintendo, PowerA, and Pokemon branding. Furthermore, the striking imagery gives you a taste of what is to come. Unfortunately, the cardboard is flimsy, so take care if you wish to retain the packaging. 
  • The wired Nano controller is light, colourful, and well-built. The tactile buttons are easy to use and it is the perfect size for smaller hands. 
  • The Joy-Con holder is as colourful as the Nano controller. Thanks to the plug-and-play setup, you simply insert each Joy-Con controller and enjoy a new way to play. 
  • A vivid carry case that screams, “Look at me!” Furthermore, the familiar characters, pastel tones, and excellent build quality are reassuring, interesting, and eye-catching.
  • A USB cable is provided for the wired Nano controller. If the cable isn’t long enough, any standard cable will suffice. 
  • A small user guide explains the fundamentals. 

Build quality. 

PowerA rarely disappoints. Thankfully, the PowerA Pokemon: Sweet Friends accessory kit is fantastic. Each item is built to last while focusing on a younger audience. What impressed me most was how comfortable everything was to use. The carry case has a tactile but strong handle and heavy-duty but colourful zip. What’s more, it is designed to house either a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite

The wired nano controller is responsive, robust, and well-considered. Though the size is smaller, the button placement is still comfortable. Moreover, there is a 3.5mm audio jack for a wired headset. 

The Joy-Con holder was thoroughly impressive. I love the strange design of the Joy-Cons but find them fiddly to use. However, this colourful and comfortable holder is a game-changer. Additionally, a rubberised back ensures that the controller remains in your hand.


I’m a father of 3 girls, so my munchkins lost their minds when they saw this set. Yet, I appreciate that the feminine pastel tones won’t be for everyone. If PowerA creates an alternative masculine colour scheme, I think it would enhance the appeal. 

If you love Pokemon and all things pastel, then you’ll adore every item. The PowerA Pokemon: Sweet Friends accessory kit looks incredible. It matters not what item you pick up, as each has an identical livery and familiar Pokemon imagery. 

Is the PowerA Pokemon: Sweet Friends accessory kit worth it?

This affordable kit is ideal if you have younger gamers in your life. Consequently, the small-formed controller and the Joy-Con holder are perfect for titchy hands. Alongside this, the case is solid, robust and excellent for protecting your valuable handheld console. Additionally, the striking design will make Pokemon fans go crazy. My only complaint is the packaging is flimsy and can be damaged in transit. Other than this, it is an excellent purchase and an ideal present for your loved ones. Accordingly, I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on PowerA can be found here!) 

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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