Tech Tip on a Tuesday – WHS Restore with 32-bit Drivers

Last Tuesday I had an issue with the Restore of a 64-bit Dell Inspiron 15. After starting the Restore, and loading the proper Dell 64-bit network drivers, the process stopped when the WHS was not found. I have done about a dozen Restore (32-bit) with WHS but this was the first one to hang up on me. Why?

CES 2010 – Video of the HDHomeRun CableCARD tuner

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Jason Ludka of SiliconDust while at CES 2010. SiliconDust is the company that brought you the HDHomeRun tuner series. As if those products were not enough, SiliconDust is now about to introduce their CableCARD dual tuner. Check out this 5 minute interview to find out more about this amazing product!

PC Hard Drive Restore from Windows Home Server to a USB Drive

What do you do if your PC cannot connect to your network or server during a PC Restore from Windows Home Server? If you have another PC on the network and a USB enclosure you can remove the drive and Restore from outside the PC.

More on the D-Link Boxee Box at CES

Back in December 2009, we reported on D-Link’s announcement about them joining forces with Boxee to release the Boxee Box media streaming device. Here is some more information and pictures and videos I took at CES.

Windows Home Server – One Minute Videos

Microsoft have a few videos on their website detailing Windows Home Server, including two new 1minute videos - why not take a look?

Creating a Compressed Copy with TV Archive on a Friday night

This weekend fellow UWHS writer fasthair gave me the secret decoder ring for our AC3 filter issue. After a quick installation, my WHS was creating copies of new Recorded TV for my Zune and placing them in my WHS Videos folder. The functionality of Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server and Zune is now working! Thank you fasthair!

Adding a second video card to a PC on a Friday night

This week I will show you how I added a second video card to my PC. This simple set up will be used in support of a four monitor system instead of using an expensive single four monitor video card.

Now We Know – WMC TV Archive Activity

Did you know that if you use the TV Archive function of Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center that it keeps track of the status of the uploads to WHS?

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