Windows Home Server YouTube Channel Launched

As you know, we here at UWHS are big fans of including videos with our posts - now Microsoft have launched a Windows Home Server YouTube Channel as well.

Installation of two HDHomeRun Dual Tuners on a Friday night – Part One

This is the first of two articles where I will be installing two HDHomeRun Dual TV Tuners. This week I will walk you through the easy installation and software setup. Next week I will show you how to customize and use the HDHomeRun tuners for Windows Media Center.

Home Server How To – Setup of your HP MediaSmart Server

This series of articles is for those of you who just purchased, or are looking to purchase, a HP MediaSmart Server. We have some great video coming up and some wonderful information to help get you started with your HP MediaSmart Server.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Creating panoramic photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery and ICE

You can create great panoramic photographs with Windows Live Photo Gallery and Microsoft ICE. Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free tool from Microsoft that most of us already have on our Windows 7 PCs.

Windows Media Center – Ceton Prime Part Five (Start Up and Windows Installation)

This is the fifth of five articles about my Windows Media Center build in anticipation of the new Ceton CableCARD tuner release. Tonight I will be talking briefly about the Startup and Windows installation in the Alienware P2 Chassis.

Now We Know – Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

There is another easy way to load your Windows 7 Installation DVD on a USB Drive. Check out this 3 minute video.

Creating a Windows 7 Installation USB Drive on a Friday night

Tonight I will show you how to load a Window 7 Installation Disk onto a USB Drive. A short video shows you the process and walks you through the preparation steps

The epiphan VGA2USB – A Six Minute and Six Second review

Using Windows Home Server readers deserve the best. It is in the spirit of this mission that I just purchased the epiphan VGA2USB video capture device. This device will allow me to bring you high quality video of start up POST sequences, Restores, and Xbox Extender video as never before seen on our website.

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