Now We Know – WMC Movie Library Titles

Did you know that if you record a “movie” on cable TV from within your Windows Media Center it will automatically map to your Movie Library?

In-depth Review of the HP MediaSmart Server EX495 Windows Home Server

HP have released a number of Windows Home Servers over the last 2 years since Windows Home Server was launched. Now comes two new Windows Home Servers – the HP MediaSmart Server EX490 and the EX495. This review concentrates on the EX495 and what it has to offer.

Xtreamer Media Streamer Firmware Update Available

If you have one of the Xtreamer media streamers then you will probably want to update the firmware to the latest released version which just came out – version It is very easy to update the firmware, and so I decided to do some more videos.

Review of the Xtreamer Media Server and Streamer

Its time for the review of the new Xtreamer media streaming device, and this time we are including some videos. UPDATE: The 2nd video is now live.

Controlling my sprinklers with mControl and Windows Home Server on a Friday night

This week I am going to walk you through the installation of a sprinkler control module connected via mControl to my Windows Home Server.

Adding an mControl Module to Windows Home Server on a Friday night

I am back from a couple of great week-long vacations and while I was gone Windows Home Server, with the mControl Add-In, has been watching over our home. Windows Home Server controlled two lights I connected so easily I decided to add additional modules for another light and my surround sound speakers.

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Sakeworld Review

What Is Sakeworld? From Sakeworld's official Twitter: "Sake is a clothing brand created by Jack Phoenix. Sakeworld is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game inspired...

Review: Astronite

Review: DREDGE

Review: Trophy

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Windows Home Server 2011 Awieco WakeOnLan Add-In – Video Edition

Awieco has just announced the Release Candidate of their Windows Home Server 2011 Awieco WakeOnLan Add-In. This powerful Add-In allows you to use the Wake On Lan ability of your network card to start your computers remotely. Check out our short video on the installation and the usage case for the Awieco WakeOnLan Add-In.

Ubisoft releases In The Eye of ZombiU Episode 2 video

Ubisoft have released episode two of ZombiU - In The Eye of ZombiU which talks about their forthcoming game for the Wii U.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger Exclusive Interview and gameplay

We recently got to play a few hours of the new Ubisoft game Call of Jaurez Gunslinger. Afterwards we had the opportunity to talk to one of the developers about the game.