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More on the D-Link Boxee Box at CES


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Back in December 2009, we reported on D-Link’s announcement about them joining forces with Boxee to release the Boxee Box media streaming device.

At CES, one of the most popular booths was D-Link. This was partly to do with their various announcements just before show, but also because they had the Boxee Box on display and actually running, including with it’s new beta software that had literally just come out then and there! Oh yeah, and they had a couple of the Suicide Girls demoing the Boxee Box. Now these were not your usual “booth babes” – these girls really knew their stuff and they were a pleasure to talk to.

Boxee Box at CES

Over the course of the 4 days of CES, the Boxee Box won a number of well deserved awards.


You have probably seen pictures of the Boxee Box by now, but one thing you really don’t get a sense of from the previous pictures is just how tiny it really is!

Boxee Box at CES Boxee Box at CES

Boxee Box at CES - Side View

Hopefully you can see from the picture above the USB device plugged into the back and also the USB port on the front corner – that should give you an indication of the small size of it!

Boxee Box at CES - Front on view

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  1. So it appears it has all the primary video and audio formats. Anyone see any popular formats missing that I should be concerned about.

  2. Nothing that I can think of so far 🙂

    Time will tell though, I suppose someone may find something they would like to play that isnt supported out of the box.


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