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Now We Know – WMC TV Archive Activity


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Did you know that if you use the TV Archive function of Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center that it keeps track of the status of the uploads to WHS?

You need to have WHS and Power Pack 3. You can find the article at:


Open the Home Server link from within WMC:

Now We Know - TV Archive


Click on activity:

Now We Know - TV Archive


View your Recorded TV programs and see what is remaining to be transferred.

Now We Know - TV Archive


When you click on Clear History it is all deleted!

Now We Know - TV Archive


If a show just finished and is being moved to your WHS the activity will show the progress:

Now We Know - TV Archive


Now we know,

Timothy Daleo

Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.


  1. Well,

    I really hope for this functionality to work, and it fails on my Windows 7 (64bit) complaining about compression. I tried to google the problem, but no luck so far.

    I though that between Windows 7 and the PP3 I would not need anything else, but I guess I was wrong.

    Ta, ta…

  2. Your uploads stop because the compression stops due to the AC3 audio. The audio is stopping the compression cycle. Turn off compression, restart WMC and then check the activity. Your progress will now show the program being uploaded.

    Forget about compression for now.


  3. Hey guys I think I have a fix for this AC3 thing. I have sent a post to Andrew for his review that will tell you how to fix this… I hope 🙂 The post should be up soon.


  4. It would be cool to see a fix. Currently I am using Windows Live Movie Maker to convert the files. Posting a video tonight.

    Let me know if I should hold off.


  5. Guys,

    I am new to all this but have a W7 machine and WHS-PP3 setup and working at home. My question is about the TV Archive feature and copy-protected content.

    I use DirecTV right now and would only switch to cable with one of the new cableCARD multi-tuners if the following will work: (all W7 machines)

    a) Media Center 1 (Tuner Card installed)

    b) TV Archive pulls TV shows (copy-protected ie. HBO, USAHD, etc) up onto WHS automatically

    c) Playback of copy-protected shows on Media Center 2 (no-tuner cards)

    d) Playback of copy-protected shows on Xbox360

    Do you guys know if this setup will work?

    By they way, I am very pleased to find your site. There is very little out there for WHS/Media Center users.

    Thanks in advance,


  6. A.) Yes

    B.) Yes

    C.) No, copy protected shows will not play on other PCs or portable devices.

    D.) In theory yes. I do not have an Xbox but an extender should play the show of the PC it is attached to.

    Thank you for the compliment. Hope you check back with us on future articles.


  7. Tim,

    Thanks for the reply.

    From your reply there is no way to share tv content around the house from a central tuner – unless you have 5 Xbox360s connected to the one "Main" Media Center.

    The downside to this is burned DVDs/Blu-Rays. When you send a movie to an extender you lose the disc's menu structure. If you use the My Movies WHS add-in it will make an mpg file of the disc in addition to the folder structure. This solves the need for a transcoder (my success with transcoders has been very low) but really screws you over if you like TV series. Getting to Episode 3 on a 5 episode disc is tough if it is in one big mpg file.

    If we could get the server to act as the repository for all content and then stream to media center clients we would get DVD/Blu-Ray menus to work, reduce the amount of HD space needed on the server (no need to have the extra mpg file created – unless you want to stream to an Xbox), and simplify the overall experience. However without the ability to play copy-protected TV content on multiple clients this design falls short.

    Microsoft is so close to having this thing really what people want but this is a flaw. My DirecTV box lets me stream from one room to another with a central guide… an essential feature if you ask my wife.

    Do you or anyone here have any ideas on the optimum design of a WHS/ multiple – media centers setup?

    Thanks again,


  8. I think that our current WHS and WMC systems are doing well considering the media content providers restrictions.

    Microsoft does not have any control over Copy Protection so they do not own that issue. When a Recorded TV show is NOT protected it can be shared over WHS, opened in Movie Maker and even downsized for your portable media player.

    As for DVDs/BRs, well that again is the content provider and not Microsoft's issue. The current DVD software in Microsoft uses the menus when reading from the direct drive. It is only when you make a copy (or single file) that you lose the menu functionality. I use DVD Shrink to backup my DVDs but that is currently a gray area.

    Finally, as for your Direct TV and my Charter STB functionality: These designed systems have fewer restrictions on their software and hardware since the signal and content never leaves the box. Your STB DVR is basically a WMC and your STB in the other room is an extender.

    Why does the burden of PC program viewing fall on Microsoft? Should we not expect the cable and satellite companies to allow the signal we pay for to be streamed and viewed on any device in our homes?

    I think Microsoft, and the Win7 release, has made great strides in media content but they still have more challenges ahead. Switched Digital Video and CableCARDs are the technologies that will be the next hurdle that software and hardware providers must deal with. Again, there is a balance that must be maintained with media content.

    Maybe someday we will see a Microsoft version of iTunes

  9. @Quarin

    For your information My Movies 3 now has a transcoder built-in so no need for the extra HHD space for a MPEG encoded version if you want to stream to XBOX 360.

    It took a while for me to work out how to get it working though it's really easy once you know:

    1. Start a My Movies session on your XBOX by opening the My Movies application in WMC on your 360;

    2. Go back to the WMC-PC and open the My Movies Collection Management program

    3. Now when you open the options dialogue you'll see a dropdown at the top of the form where you can select the options for your connected Media Center Extender

    4. Set the delievery from direct to transcode.

    Easy. And I'm sure that this should work for other WMC Extenders too!


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