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Windows Media Center, 2010 Fall Television and HomeRun Tuners

The new Fall season of American television has started and there is a veritable cornucopia of great shows available for recording in Windows Media Center. Why use Windows Media Center? Monday night has three great shows all on at 10:00 PM. How are you going to record three or more shows at once? Read on to find out.

Advanced Admin Console Add-In for Vail – First Look – Video Edition

Andreas Miceli has released a preview to his new version of the Advanced Admin Console Add-In (AAC) for Windows Server code name Vail. This new version looks great and Diehard and I did a video showing some of the important features for this Vail Add-In. Read on to find out more about this great addition to Windows Server code name Vail.

More Information on AVA Media RipNet

Yesterday we mentioned AVA Media RipNet – today we have a bit more information to share.

The Media Center Show 272 Beep

Ian over at the Digital has just released the Media Center Show podcast, number 272, and as it becoming normal I am on the show!

AVA Media RipNet Coming Soon

Would you like to archive your discs from Media Center to your Windows Home Server? If yes, then you might be interested in AVA Media RipNet.

HOSS Home Office Mini Storage Servers – Windows Home Server Comes to Italy

A number of Windows Home Servers have been launched in Italy today under the banner of HOSS – Home Office Mini Storage Server.

Twonky Release TwonkyManager 2.0.3 Beta 1

Last week Twonky released the first beta for its TwonkyManager 2.0.3 release – want to try it?

Windows Home Server V1 and Pinpoint

Microsoft have announced that their Pinpoint applications guide will have a new category for Windows Home Server V1 so if you are a developer of V1 add-ins you will want to sign up.

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