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More Information on AVA Media RipNet


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Yesterday we mentioned AVA Media RipNet – today we have a bit more information to share.



RipNet is a innovative system that links your Media Centre optical drive to your Home Server, to provide a network based ripping service.
If your Home Server has the AVA Media disc ripping Add In already, and you also have a Media Centre or PC running Win7 Home Premium, you can now select to play the disks, as normal, on the PC or automatically rip them to your Home Server. The ripping process is as simple as insert the disc, wait and when it is ejected the process is complete.
There are two parts to the system, a new Home Server Add In, and a Media Centre (Win7 Home Premium) Add In.

Order now £49.00      Shipping from 21st September
(Download and licence will be provided by email)

RipNet + AVA Media CD/DVD ripping service

All the benefits of RipNet along with the renowned Home Server Add In – AVA Media.  This version provides automated ripping of Audio CDs, DVD*s and Blu-Ray* discs.  You also receive movie monitor, which gets cover art etc for your existing movie files.

The Music Disc Copier is a fully automated CD ripper, that allows you to automatically copy your music cd’s directly to the Home Servers storage making it available to Media Centres, such as Microsoft Media Centre, Media Portal, Beyond TV, and many others, gaming devices such as Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, and music playback devices such as Logitech Squeezebox, Sonos Digital Music Systems and many others.

AVA Media RipNet

Your music can be copied either to lossless music formats such as Windows Media Audio Lossless or FLAC, and/or to highly compressed Windows Media Audio or MP3 files, or a combination, allowing you to store a primary format for in-house playback, and a secondary format for mobile devices.

Your Video disks can be copied to either VIDEO_TS formats for DVD’s, ISO format for DVD or Blu-ray, or a Media Centre Extender compatible MPEG-2 format for DVD’s, or you can copy both to a VIDEO_TS format as well as an MPEG-2 format for DVD’s, allowing the full VIDEO_TS structure to be played on the main Media Centre, and the MPEG-2 file on your Media Centre Extender

The Movie Monitor will automatically identify movie folders in your Windows Home Server’s video libraries, and add high quality meta-data to the titles, making the meta-data available to several numerous Media Centre software products, as well as storing a folder image for the movie folders when browsing the folders with Windows Explorer.

AVA Media RipNet2

The data is be stored directly in the movie folder as an XML file, front and back cover image files, as well as a folder.jpg file, making the data openly available to any program that supports them, including My Movies, Media Centres DVD library, using the “DVD library Connector etc.

See what AVA Media can do in this short movie

There are three parts to the system, the AVA Media Home Server Add In, the RipNet Home Server Add In, and a Media Centre (Win7 Home Premium) Add In.

Order now £89.00            Shipping from 21st September
(Download and licence will be provided by email)

* Due to legality in several countries, AVA Media does not backup copy protected DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles. Users in countries that allow circumventing CSS and AACS copy protections when backing up their movies can install SlySoft AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD to remove these copy protections.  An option is available for the installation of AnyDVD, should you, the user, choose to use it.

You can learn more about RipNet and RipNet + AVA Media from the links.

More information soon…..

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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  1. I'm looking forward to more info, this looks like a repackaged My Movies 3. Can you explain the difference ?

  2. Not really something new yes the plugin is into WHS.

    I have been using Starwind iscsi target on my pc at home, created a link to the optical drive, install the iscsi initiator on the WHS and running platinum dvd ripper to copy the files directly into my films shares.

    Works fine for me, then again the cost of the starwind s/w compared to this a huge but I have a home ESX lab so starwind is a requirement for me.

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