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Twonky Release TwonkyManager 2.0.3 Beta 1


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Last week Twonky released the first beta for its TwonkyManager 2.0.3 release – want to try it?

What’s TwonkyManager you might ask:

So, you’ve hooked up your gaming system, TV or photo frame to your Internet connection, now how do you make the most of it? With TwonkyManager loaded on your Windows® PC, you control your media experience in every way. You even have the power to stream online media to your different devices, because TwonkyManager now includes TwonkyBeam™, a convenient add-on for your Internet browser that works with popular sites, including Flickr®,™ and YouTube™.
Don’t have a Windows PC or just looking for a server? Don’t worry. We still have TwonkyServer available for Mac®, Linux, Windows Home Server or Windows. Please see TwonkyServer.


Here is what Twonky says about this beta release:

TwonkyManager 2.0.3 Beta 1 – Release Notes
This is our first Beta release of TwonkyManager 2.0.3. Please report any issues you find to [email protected]. You can download it here: … rSetup.exe
– Includes TwonkyServer 6.0.2, which has numerous bug fixes. (See below)
– Fixed a problem where some YouTube videos couldn’t be played on the TwonkyManager player.
– Improved performance when pushing video from YouTube to Samsung TVs or other TwonkyManager players on the network. Not all YouTube videos play on Samsung TVs, but it works much better than before.
– TwonkyManager now remembers which server it was attached to after shutdown and relaunch – even when a server is not running on the local PC.
– Now M4A files can be pushed to the WD TV Live box
– Now photo thumbnails appear on the WD TV Live box when pulling a folder of photos
– Fixed a problem that caused photo thumbnails to no longer appear on Samsung TVs when pulling a folder of photos
– The clear queue setting is now checked by default. This means every time you drag and drop a media item on a renderer’s icon it will play. If you uncheck this, the first media item will start playing and then other media dragged onto the currently playing device will be added to it’s queue.
– Now automatically assigns the correct icon when a “WD TV Live” is present on the network.
– Fixed a problem where one TwonkyManager could not control the volume of another TwonkyManager running on the network.
– Fixed a problem that caused the Twonkymediawatchdog.exe to crash or fail to restart after a crash when TwonkyServer was installed as a non-system service
– Reindexed the Shoutcast feeds to eliminate stations which are no longer available. This doesn’t guarantee station availability, but improves the chances of getting stations that play some of the time.
– Fixed a problem that caused the first item in all Handpicked video categories to appear as a folder icon.
– Fixed a problem that prevented personal photos from appearing in the Picasa Web media feed when the MIME-type was not lower case.
– Fixed a problem where changing the name of the local TwonkyManager player didn’t appear to other TwonkyManager users on the network.
– Add support for an expanded deviceinfo.xml file. More about this later.
– Added 40 new video feeds to the Handpicked Video list (not available in the Beta build. Will be in the final release)
– Fixed a problem where renaming a server with aggregation enabled sometimes caused problems
– Fixed a problem with the Compilation Directory setting only working the first time it was set.
– Dashes are now automatically added when you type in a license key manually. However, it’s still a good idea to paste the key in to prevent mistyping a number.
– Fixed a typo in the German language Server Settings tab (not available in the Beta build. Will be in the final release)
TwonkyServer 6.0.2 improvements
– File scanning of large libraries is now much faster than before. Over 20x faster than some previous releases.
– YouTube username and tags are now persisted
– Fixed some issues with thumbnails on Samsung TVs
– Handpicked video stations are now saved
– Add additional MP4 transcoding options to allow better options for on-the-fly video transcoding
– Fixed one problem when scanning large content libraries
– Fixed display of BMP, GIF and TIFF on PlayStation3
Known Issues
– The first time you launch TwonkyManager, it has to scan all of your media and import all of your playlists. This can take several minutes. During this process, TwonkyManager may appear a little sluggish and you may not see all of your media until the scan is complete.
– If you want to make playlists containing media from an external server that has Content Aggregation enabled, you’ll need to turn on mirroring.
– The Handpicked Radio feed is currently missing this Beta. It will be put back in the final release.
– We are seeing some performance issues with TwonkyServer with media libraries that have over 70,000 items. We are working on a solution for this.
– Rick

So why not download it and give it a go – just remember to give feedback to Twonky.

You can download it from here.

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